Paid to pleasure his mates

My husband and I have a lot of fantasy talk when we have sex or sometimes afterwards if I am still horny and want some sloppy seconds.

One day he asked me whether I would sleep with one of his friends behind his back if that friend offered me $10000 dollars. Feeling naughty I said “if it was Chris I would do it for $10 (I was squeezing his balls when I said it). He laughed and called me a tart and so I started sucking his cock and moaning loudly. As he started to cum I opened my mouth wide and said “come on Chris. Fill my mouth with your cum”. My mouth went back around the head of his cock and I stayed clamped there as he thrust into my mouth. I had never been face fucked before and I must admit I quite liked being dominated.

Anyway we played that game a few times more over the next few months. $1000 for a full shag with Gary, $50 for a blowjob for Kev - and our favourite - $25000 for me to do anal with Paul. Oh, and $1 for giving Chris a handjob. We both decided anyone could see my 34ee breasts free but I would charge $50 for anyone to lick me out. That was a good one as I figured I got all the fun AND got paid for it.

This all stayed firmly in fantasy land until one day Chris popped round unexpected and I was in the hot tub with no top on. I tried to be cool and quickly put the bubbles on but my husband started to explain our fantasy chat to his mate. He didn’t cover all of it. Just the pussy eating bit. Before I could object Chris had put $50 on the side of the hot tub (like I was a game of pool!!). My husband just shrugged and smiled at me and said “up to you”. He went back in the house to get beers and when he game out 2 mins later I was sat on the side of the hot tub with my legs spread wide with Chris,s tongue squelching in my pussy. I had an amazing orgasm and as I stopped shaking I saw the incredible bulge in Chris’s shorts. “Have you got another dollar” I asked him. “Nope”, he said that was my last $50. “Shame” I said and took myself inside for a shower.
When I came out my husband was standing there looking bemused. “How do you feel” he asked
“Have you got $25000 lying around” was my reply. He grabbed by ass and pushed a finger in me. “Never mind” I said.”you can owe me” and I turned round and leant over the sink.

Mar 8


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    • Prostitution. Living the dream. You must be so proud.

    • Prostitution talk IS a turn on and common. Under pressure I admitted the attraction to this IDEA to a boyfriend. Not then but later he got it into his head to get me dolled up in slutty clothes and drop me off on our local hooker hangout boulevard.

      I wasn't happy. When my first "John" pulled up I felt a mix of feelings. When I recognized him as one of my boyfriend's good friends, I knew I had been set up. I felt humiliated, excited and relieved. I hoped he was all I was going to have to do that night. I was wrong. The second man was a true stranger. He was older than my father. So were the rest of my dates that night.

      I broke up with that boyfriend and never did it again... Looking back... that night is one of my favorite sexual memories. I wish every woman COULD legally do that, at least for one night.

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