Time apart

So about 10 months ago the wife and I got into a huge fight over who pays what. Not getting into the details of it, but we decided there needed to be a cooling off period. I told her I'd pay half the mortgage and the phone bill but she would have to deal with the rest. Figure that would give her a reason to want me back.

I moved in with a work buddy. Told him it would be temporary. Wife and I didn't even text the first 3 weeks we were apart. Then she made the first move. Wasn't instigating anything. Just talking. Then after 2 months she texts me with, "So what are you doing for sex?" I said, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" She said, "We've been together for 8 years. You are a horny guy. Are you jacking off a lot? Fucking another woman?" I said, "Wow. No I'm not fucking another woman. What about you? You fucking someone else?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "You are?" She said, "Yep. You haven't been around. One of the guys I used to work with." I said, "Are you fucking with me? Just trying to get me worked up?" She said, "Not at all. It's Richard. 8 inch dick. Uncircumcised. Want to see pics?" I said, "Sure."

I figured I would call her bluff. She sent me a pic that he had taken of him fucking her doggy style. It was definitely her. I said, "How often is that happening?" She said, "You really want to know?" I said, "Yes and no." She said, "Like 3 or 4 times a week." I said, "You suck his dick?" She said, "Well yeah." I said, "So I guess there isn't a need for me to come back. Guess you have me replaced." She said, "I want you to come home. He isn't you. It's just sex. I just can't make it on my own with what I get paid." I said, "So thats what I am? Just a pay check?" She said, "No. We've been together way too long to just throw it away." I said, "But in the mean time, Rick is gonna keep you warm?" She said, "At least I told the truth." I said, "About that?" She said, "I admit I've been having sex. You said you weren't." I said, "You asked if I was with another woman. I'm not." She said, "See. Lying again." I said, "Not a lie. Your pussy is the last ive had." She said, "So youve just been jacking off this whole time?" I said, "I jack off once or twice a week." She said, "Doesn't sound like the Mike I married. What about the other 5 days." I said, "Chris." She said, "So it IS another woman!" I said, "Chris.....Topher." She said, "You've been having gay sex?" I said, "Yep." She said, "You've been having a guy suck your dick?" I said, "Yep." She said, "and you've been sucking his dick?" I said, "Yep." She said, "Spit or swallow." I said, "Swallow." She said, "And you fuck him in the ass?" I said, "Nope." She said, "You just suck each other off?" I said, "Most of the time." She said, "What about the rest of the time?" I said, "He fucks me." She said, "Wow. Really?" I said, "Yep." She said, "What can I do to get you to come home?" I said, "Help with the bills so I'm not flat broke all the time." She said, "Done. Get your shit and come home."

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  • Wow, my wife and I are still together, we have a good marrage, just haven't had sex with each other in over 3 yrs. I know she is fucking other guy. Which is okay with me, just which she would let me watch. Because I have been in a gay relationship now for about the last 6 yrs of our marrage. I want tell her so bad but l know it would end the marrage, and I can't afford everything on my own. She makes at least 3 times more money a week then I do.

  • Haha!!! My time apart from my wife, I ended fucking her sister and my step daughter

  • Your marriage is garbage. Time to move on.

  • I wouldn’t let your sissy ass back in the house. Enjoy Christopher.

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