What would you do?

Recently I was staying a hotel that had a small convention center built in. I couldn't sleep one night so I took a walk. It was about 2AM and there wasn't a sole in the convention area so I decided to take a peek into some of the ballrooms.

As I was walking past one of them I heard some strange noises from inside. When I opened the door I saw a man lying on his back on top of one of those 8 foot banquet tables - completely naked - with his head laying back off the end of the table. Another man - also completely naked - was standing and shoving his big erect cock down into the other man's mouth. The face of the man laying down was upside down and so the other guy's cock easily slid balls deep into his mouth basically fucking the back of his throat.

As I walked in the guy laying down saw me and slapped the guy face-fucking him on the ass. They stopped and looked at me.

What you do you in this situation? I'll wait to hear what you have to say before I tell you what I did.


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  • I would probably just watch them unless they invited me over but if it were in an open area like that I probably would not participate.

  • This is Chris the original poster.
    I actually never thought to look for security cameras LOL. If they were there SOMEONE got a show!

    The guys looked at me but I guess the look on my face told them that I wasn't going to ruin their good time so they continued.
    I wound up joining them - sucking the guy laying on the table until he blew his load in my mouth. The standing guy blew his load in the table guy's mouth. Then the table guy did me.
    We all sat on the floor naked for a few minutes afterward recovering from it all. I finally got up and put my clothes on and said "see ya" and left.

  • I would look for the location of the security cameras.

  • I would audibly say “sorry, carry on” then walk out.

  • I would've scratched my head and wondered how the guy, laying down with his head upside down and a mouth full of hard cock could've seen me walk in ?

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