Best Friend Held It In Her Hand

A few years back, I was hanging out with a female friend of mine who I grew up with. We’re both married but I always thought she was cute.

We were sharing a couple of bottles of wine and watching a movie and a sex scene came on. We kind of sat in an awkward silence until she jokingly said,

“That made you hard didn’t it?”

Both of us laughing.
I told her, “I mean she was hot.”

And to my fucking surprise, probably influenced by the wine, she asked to see it. We laughed for a moment and in a drunken state, I whipped my penis out. She got up from her seat to get a closer look and giggled. I went to put it away as we both laughed, but she kept stopped me and grabbed it.

She didn’t stroke it, just held it in her hand. Lifting it and observing all the angles. I definitely got harder in her hand and says, “Wow, now I know what [Wife’s Name] gets to play with.” We laughed, she let it go and I tucked it back in my sweats.

I still think about it to this day and bring up a picture of her to stroke to. I don’t think we’ll ever actually play since we both respect our significant other. But I always think about the feeling of her hand on my cock, her eyes gazing at it makes me so hard.

We’re still really good friends, but I will always fantasize about the time perhaps I could’ve pounded her little pussy.

24 days ago

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    • My husband's friend Alan was staying with us while his cabin cruiser was getting maintenance done at the marina. My husband was at work when Alan got the call his boat was ready. He told them he'd come get it and take it to his slip. We dropped my car off where he docks his boat and I rode with him to pick up the boat. We cruised the lake for a few and he anchored so we could swim.
      I've known Alan for years. He's my husband's best friend and was in our wedding. He's also attractive, very muscular, arrogant and cocky. He's always making comments about his huge package.
      He was drying off and adjusting himself when he caught me looking. He said, "If you weren't married to my best friend, I'd pull my BIG cock out for you to suck."
      Long story short.
      He pulled it out, he wasn't lying about his size, I sucked it & we had sex.
      Sorry but I have no regrets.

    • Maybe there will be a situation in the future where you could tell her about your fantasy

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