Glad but guilty

Married life gets to us all on times,it's up to the two of you to keep things spiced,im mandy I've been happily married to my husband John for 19 years,we had the best possible sex life ever up until a couple of years ago when it all seemed to dry up!! We're both 44,whether it's just an age thing I don't know! Anyway I'm a hairdresser and own my own salon ,as you can imagine I meet all walks of life and oftenly get chatted up! I've got one regular called Neil,he knows my situation about being married but you've got to admire his persistence,he's pretty good looking I have to admit and in his late twenties,it was my birthday fast approaching,wheres he taking you then? Don't be daft Neil,what you mean!! Id wine and dine you all night long if you were my wife !!! Ha charmer arnt you Neil!! I've always loved the older woman!! And why is that I said? You just know what you want! Do I? I answered, Neil laughed and slapped my bum!! Mmm see you liked that didn't you?? Oi saucy!! That's £10 please!! You've got a great bum mandy if you don't mind me saying!! Id love to be your husband!! Oh yeah and why is that then Neil? Cause he gets to see it all the time !! In fact he hasn't seen my bum for ages!! No way mandy I don't believe it! Honestly he hasn't,id love to see you bum in just your knickers!! Ha it looks better in my jeans trust me I said,no way mandy best bum ever!! We got awkwardly close and kissed each other,we both pulled back and then started kissing like teenagers,I can't Neil I'm married we can't!! He grabbed my bum and said I'll lock the door!! I stood there like a rabbit in headlights ,Neil took my hand and lead me out the back room,get those jeans off and let me see that bum!! As we kissed I stepped out of my jeans!! Mmmm let's see that ass mandy!! He pushed me over one of my spare chairs and buried his face in my big non sexy underwear!! I groaned out loud!! Take them off I whispered... Neil was licking my arsehole and fingering my pussy, it was heaven!! I want to see your cunt turn around!!! Oh yes mandy I knew you'd have a hairy bush!! Fuck me now Neil I told him!! I hadn't felt another cock instead of my husbands for a long time, he was all trimmed and his cock looked fabulous,I sat on his cock and rode it up and down,you should have seen the look on his face when I said I love it up my arse!! I got off his cock and sat on my reclining wash chair,opened my legs so Neil could see my hairy cunt and told him to fuck me in my arse !! His eyes lit up and he called me a dirty milf housewife just as he rubbed his young cock on my waiting arse..he was amazed by how easy I took his length up my bum!! Go on fuck me as hard as you can I ordered him!! I shocked him even more when I jumped off him and sucked his dick straight from my arse!!! Needless to say Neil comes in every week now instead of every 3 xx

27 days ago

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    • Mandy, you're a fine girl / what a good wife you would be / If you just quit serving your clients, on your knees "

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