Dominated by colleague

I have a female colleague who is higher in management than I am, but in a different department. I work with her off and on but not for her.

A while ago another female coworker asked me why I let this woman dominate me so much. I didn’t feel like I had let her. I try to be cooperative and work well with her and since she is more influential in our office than I am I don’t want to piss her off if I don’t need to, but I never felt I was being dominated by her. My other coworker told me she had studied body language and pointed out some subtle power plays she’s noticed she does to me.

- She’ll stand over me. Like if she’s in my office she comes around my desk and stands next to me, close, looking down as she speaks.

- She backs me against the wall. If we’re in the hallway or both standing as we’re speaking she will position herself so that I am against the wall or sometimes even in a corner.

- She places her hand on my shoulder or otherwise touches me gently.

There were other examples. My coworker also pointed out this manager successfully dominates most of the women in the office especially the younger ones (she’s late 40s, I’m late 30s). But for the most part I’m the only man she does this to.

I didn’t know what to make of this but honestly didn’t see it as a huge problem either. She’s usually easy to talk to, pleasant, and seems to treat others well enough.

A few days ago I was walking out the building to my car when she called my name and caught up with me. She asked if I would like to hit up happy hour somewhere with her. This isn’t uncommon, a few of us who aren’t married hang out together after work regularly enough. She told me to just hop in her car so I did. She drives a Lexus SUV with the windows tinted.

When we arrived to the place we always go for drinks she pulled behind a building across the parking lot to where the loading docks were. I asked why we were here. She began shifting her position in her seat and reaching into her skirt. As she did she said, “because you’re about to kiss my ass.”

I laughed, but then she turned herself with her knees on the console, her ass in my face, her panties around her knees, skirt lifted above her waist. Her pussy and butthole were in my face. She pushed herself back and I smelled her scent. I know about not fucking coworkers and such but it’s hard to resist when a reasonably attractive woman’s pussy is in your face! I started to lick her pussy and she said, “no, that’s my pussy. Do my ass!”

It was the end of the work day. Wasn’t sure about licking her ass with a full day’s activity behind, since I knew she probably had pooped at some point in the day. As if she read my mind she said, “go ahead get in there. I always use a baby wipe so...”

So I did. At first I kissed her butthole with my lips, then licked it a little. She pressed my head into her ass and urged me to continue going. I kept licking her butthole and then pushed my tongue as far into it as I could go. She moaned and started fingering herself as I continued to make out with her anus. It only took a few minutes to make her cum. When she did she just readjusted her position, pulled her panties up, looked at me and as if nothing happened said “let’s go get a drink.”

I don’t know what I expected at that point. Maybe for her to return the favor with a BJ or something but instead we just went into the bar and had a few drinks. The next few days at work it was just business as usual. Then on Friday morning she caught me alone in the hall and said under her breath she wanted me to tongue fuck her up her poop chute again after work.

So I did.

I have no idea where this is heading and feel it can only lead to trouble. But it’s hard to stop this now that it has started.


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  • Your "her little boy" better really try to please her by getting your tongue right up that asshole and loving it when she has just crapped, get used to the taste buster because once she is sick of you your out on your ass

  • Your right in the shit but I think you already know that, she will dominate you as long as she wants and have you lick her arse whenever she likes even if she just had a shit.
    You will eventually be fired for something you never did when she is sick of you then she will move onto some other stupid goon.
    Don't believe me ? next time she tells you to lick her arse say no then you will find out.

  • She's got you pretty well trained. The problem is that the word will eventually get around the office that you lick ass during happy hour. I'm not sure if your other coworkers will continue respecting you or not. You better be getting some pussy out of this deal at some point, or you are getting used.

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