Grandson’s wife

My wife and I went down to the Caribbean to visit some of her family and friends. So arrived Monday afternoon. My wife’s grandson and his wife picked us up from the airport and we went to my wife’s daughters house. So as we got the my wife’s daughter’s house we started to unpack our things and started to have some drinks.
The next day I noticed that my wife’s grandsons wife was checking me out a lot more then the last time we went down. So the next day we all went to a very nice beach mics warm blue water before I knew she came up behind me and jumped up on my back and wrapped her legs around my waist and started to say into my ear how much she wanted me to fuck her so bad that she has been playing with her pussy the last few days since we got down here all she has been doing is thinking about me being inside her pussy and her mouth . The next day we sleep just recovering from to much drinking . My wife and her daughter went to the local store to pick up a few things so it was just my wife’s grandson wife and I all alone. I was waiting for her to get out of the shower so I take a shower myself . The next thing I know I felt her walk up behind me only warring a towel around her hot wet body than she told me close my eyes and open my mouth just as I did it she put 2 of her dripping wet fingers into my mouth And told me to suck on her fingers and let her know what they taste like. I already know what it tasted like it was from her fingers inside of her wet pussy . I’m already getting a hard on so I told that I’m not sure what it was so I ask her if I can try it again. Before I knew it she was standing in front of me naked with her fingers deep inside her pussy . That was such amazing site in front of me at this point I was like a dog in heat . So o the first thing that went through my mind to stand up and grab her up and carry her into her bedroom and drop her down on her bed and go down between her legs and start licking her dripping wet pussy she opened her legs wide open so far I was able to see a really nice pink color inside of her pussy and not even 30 seconds she had squirted all over my face and in my mouth eventually I had her get on top of me she can suck on my cock while I’m licking her pussy . I really love it when a woman squirts in my face and inside my mouth that gets me so horny so as she was starting to squirt again she began to sucking my cock so hard I shot a load of my Cumm inside of her mouth that she started to gag on my load as she was trying to swallow it all the way down her throat. After we got done with what we started to do we got cleaned up and went back to the living room area and started to watch some Y V just in time before my wife and her step daughter and her husband got back home and we asked like nothing happened between the two of us at all. Over the week that we where down there on our vacation
My wife grandson wife would get it on every chance we had some time alone we would continue with our free time having intense sex . And I noticed how she loves sucking Dick . She would suck the chrome off a trailer hitch . The next few days I was to pound her brains out she even let me fuck her in her ass and Cumm inside all of her holes . She told me that her husband won’t even let her give him a blow Jon . That’s really to bad for him because she’s willing and able to give a amazing blow job and she will swallow a hot load of Cumm like you wouldn’t believe like a pro ! I know that she swallowed all of my loads with no problem at all . I can’t wait to to go back down to the Caribbean again!

1 month ago

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