She did it better

One time I got heated with a friend that stayed over. She wanted me to touch her so I did and she said let me show you how to do it. I thought she was going to demonstrate on herself but she put her hand In my pants and started touching me. Then I was moaning a little. She put a finger in and I liked it right away. Then she started going in and out then she put two in and I was moaning so loud. I was sucking on her breast and we both were being so loud. All I could think was she does it all better. I l have never been touched or fucked so good by any guy so now I think it's safe to say I know what I like and it may not be guys at all

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  • Yes, nothing better than pussy! Enjoying licking and being licked, you will love it forever. And remember…EVERY woman is a lesbian, even those who don't know it yet. (But helping them discover it is so much fun!)

  • You will love it more when she eats you and then you will be hooked when you get a taste yourself its addictive I know it happened to me. Hooked in Jacksonville,N. Carolina

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