My Aunt

Growing up I was always so happy when my Aunt came over or we went to their house. We lived on a lake so most of the time they were at our house and she had this swimsuit that was awesome, it was a bikini with plenty of coverage but her boobs were hard to contain. They were DD for sure and she was always adjusting her top and tucking them inside but when the drinks were flowing things would get out of control. She is a really flirty woman as well and always called me little man, then hug the crap out of me smothering me in those breasts, I loved it and would keep my eyes open and push my cheeks right against them. She even would do it wearing her swim suit, skin on skin face plant, made me have dirty thoughts for days.
I never in a hundred years would have thought that one day I would be sucking on those things and watching them swing around right in my face while she rode me. My uncle died in his forties and when I was around nineteen or so she was around forty two, my dad signed me right up for yard maintenance and any other things she needed done around the house. I would go over there and do anything she needed done then sit and listen to her talk my ear off about her week, she would always try to give me a twenty for helping her out but I constantly turned it away. One day while I was standing the garage putting away the lawn mower and things she came up behind me and slid her hand right into my front pocket. She told me the money was in my pocket now so it was mine then in a quick turn of events she started rubbing my cock thru the pocket. I was wearing underwear but it was no problem at all to feel where my cock was in there. I stood there for a second as her fingers were rubbing my cock between them and my thigh, she then told me to come inside the house because she needed me to do something else.
I followed her into the house and straight back to her bedroom where she undressed me then herself and went right to her knees. She sucked me into her mouth and the rest of it was a blur but the moment that has lived in my mind forever is when she got on top of me and was swinging those boobs across my face. I started licking and sucking on those lovelies while she reached down and grabbed my cock lining up for her pussy. She began grinding herself into me then rocking back and forth riding me, her breasts were swinging around hitting me in the face and I would latch on and suck her nipples while she moaned out and buried my cock deep into her. She would ride me until she was satisfied which was sometimes a really long time, like twenty minutes of up and down back and forth, she was amazing when it came to sex. She was more into riding me than sucking on me but still she could suck me hard and long as well. I loved the few months I had that first summer being ridden hard by her and will always remember her massive boobs just swinging away right above my face.

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