Put on a show for young neighbor

20 or so years ago my wife and I had neighbors that were a mother/daughter. The mom worked two jobs and the girl (16) was essentially a latch-key kid. She’d get home from school around 3 when her mom and my wife were still working and wouldn’t be home til 6 or so. I worked overnights so was there in the afternoon. She was a well behaved and friendly girl and very bright. She’d get her homework done quickly but then start roaming around, bored.

Occasionally we’d chat over the fence or grabbing the mail. Over the course of maybe 6 months we became pretty friendly and I think I took on a bit of a father, uncle or big brother role. Long story but she confided in me her hormonal changes and developing sexual urges and desires, and essentially wanted me to satisfy them. I was so turned on by that. She was cute and sexy and getting more so every day. But I would not cross that line.

However, I came up with a compromise that was sexually exciting but kept me out of jail. She had asked me about men’s erections and ejaculations. So I decided to show her. I let her know I’d be in a certain lawn chair in my yard at a certain time if she wanted to watch. And I put on a masturbation show for her 3 days a week. Initially she just watched but over time we conversed while I stroked and moaned and she fingered herself and moaned. We each enjoyed getting off and watching and listening to the other getting off. We even talked about what we wanted to do, and that just got us off more. I was smart enough to know that discipline was my friend. She was smart enough to realize going further could cause big headaches. So we both just kept it simple, discreet and enjoyed. Even when she turned 18 and the legal risk was gone, we kept it arms length sexual.

That’s all the relationship ever amounted to and they moved when she was 19. She still lives in town, married and with a baby, and we run into each other occasionally and chat, each with knowing and pleased smiles and nice memories.

Jul 8
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    • Was her tight cunt hairy or shaved?

    • I wouldn’t know. Maybe you should have someone read it TO you instead.

    • That is so cool. Great pleasure no jail. Well done.

    • Thank you. I was pleased. Also it created this never ending desire that will never be fully satisfied. The memories still prompt wonderful stroking sessions.

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