The first time

I still remember the first time I got to touch a real penis, I could feel myself getting turned on by the second as I ran my fingers up and down its length. He was dark skinned but the ring around his cock where the foreskin had been cut off was pink, veins popped out all over the shaft and his testicles where much larger than I expected them to be.
I played with it for quite some time working up my nerve to start sucking on it, I had no idea how I was going to do it though but he was so patient and when I gagged the first few times he told me that I did not need to swallow the whole thing. He told me where the most sensitive parts were, how to lick and suck on those and use my hands to stroke. He had me licking and sucking on his balls as well giving them plenty of attention. I bet I played with his cock for a half hour before he started giving me some more instructions and steadily I felt the pulsations start on my hand gripping the base, suddenly my entire mouth was getting filled with his ejaculations.
I swallowed as fast as I could feeling his head swelling and listening to him moan out telling me to just keep sucking like I am and I did until I was no longer feeling spurts. He told me to lick the entire thing all over and suck on his balls some more as he came down from the pleasure. I was so wet I could feel my panties sticking to me, he told me that I was great at sucking cock and someday will make a husband very happy.
I sucked his cock for several years and I am sure my mom did too because I would often lay in bed and listen to him moan thru the wall.

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  • Did his cock taste like your mom?

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