White slave

Im a white guy, 6ft, 255lb, chubby, very tiny pink clit. I call it a clit becuse its under 2inchs hard, soft i have nothing there. I do not get hard any more. I have started to take a pill that will make me stay soft, it will shrivel my clitty up and make my boobs grow. I have turned myself over to the BNWO as a slave sissy faggot for the black race to do whatever they want with me. I have a owner. He owns my body, i do not. His name is King Terry. He is a 6.7ft 285lb Superior black real man. I am his property. His tat on my lower back near my ass says Terrys Sissy, i also have one on my right ass cheek that says Black Owned. Just above my clitty is, the B of spades also there is one on my neck. I live in Nys. In Ny its becoming very normal for white men to be turned into sissy slaves. I see a lot of us up here. Its very normal for me to be taken to the black part of town, stripped and put on my knees outside a corner store and made to kiss everyones feet that are going in and out of the store. I only wear girls panties and i have to wear a bra i have B cup boobs right now. There getting bigger everyday. I am used as a real slave, the house faggot. I live with my girlfriend, well ex girlfriend now. I am not allowed to touch her at all. We both made the choice to give ourselves to the BNWO. We are both pimped out. Because we both feel like the black race should never have to work, ever! Again. My weekly check and hers are turned over to our owner, our house, cars, gold, anything of value we have given to him. Men can walk in my home whenever, day or night and take what they want. He may send someone over to fuck my girlfriend in the mouth or up her ass. I had a superior black man walk in, bent me over the kitchen table in front of my girlfriend and bang my ass like a peice of beef. This is the way, all white men and woman should bow down. Start paying back what has been done to them for years. They should have the right to walk in our homes and fuck our wives, our kids, make the white faggot get on his knees in front of anyone there and fuck him in the mouth. Thats the way we should be used. Fuck all our white woman, impregnate them, make the white fags raise the child. White faggots should be castrated on day one. Remove our nuts. Take whatever manhood we have. When you cut the nuts off, everyone knows what happens after you remove our nuts. You loose muscle mass, youll gain more of a softer figure, the penis shrinks and possably wont get hard again. Theres also a good chance your boobs will grow, but you need to be put on pills to make you more fem anyway. Start doing away with the white race now. Turn yourself over to the superior black kings and queens. I see this going on in upstate area all over. I was taken out in public 2 days ago. When im taken out i wear pantys, bra, yoga pants with a zip up hoodie, with it zipped all the way down so im exposed to everyone as a faggot slave. I have for sale wrote on my chest across my tits. I look like a man with tits, a faggot. A white guy paid for my services to my owner, $20. I was taken outside, put on my knees between two cars and i sucked this mans tiny pink dick. I had to swallow his load because as a owned faggot i must swallow every load of cum or let them cum inside me. We are not alowed to spit it out or use a condom. We were in a store, my owner had to piss, i get on my knees, right in the isle and drink his superior golden urine. Then thank him for allowing me to put his cock in my mouth and for his piss. We are also never allowed to touch ourselves. Never. I was caught once, when i still had nuts. When your caught your locked in the basement to the wall, your legs spread wide, and you get 15 wacks to your nuts with a wooden stick. Then you get 15 whips with a leather belt across the front of your body, i had big welts across my waste and nuts. I never did it again. After a while of not cuming you may just cum from nothing. Its ok as long as you dont touch yourself. Its called sissygazum. But more and more faggots are turning there bodys over to the superior race. The black race. ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER, BOW!! GET ON YOUR KNEES FAGGOTS, WHITE WHORES, BOW, ONLY LET BLACK MEN FUCK YOU AND GET YOU PREG. If your married or a boyfriend make him suck a black mans cock. Make him watch you get fucked by the superior race, make him eat his cum from your pussy like the faggot he really is. Trust me, he really want to submit, he really wants black cock. ALL WHITES BOW!!

1 month ago

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