A fantasy in the making

So first off I'm a girl who loves anal (we do exist!) and I've got a pretty kinky friend group. This is a fantasy I've discussed with a friend (We'll call her 'R') and shes happy to organise it, but I've just got to build up the confidence to actually go though with it!

What I want is for me & 'R' to throw a party, Once everyone has had a couple of drinks I'd announce "So I've got a suprise for you all... 'R' is going to pick one of you who is going to fuck me up the ass. You are all welcome to watch, but whatever you do don't tell me who it is.
(I will definitely be going bright red with embarrassment at this point!)

If I'm brave enough and haven't fainted from embarrassment I may strip at this point, but we'll see.

Then I'll head upstairs and put the blindfold on and wait on the bed, my ass in the air...

I love the idea that all these people will see me fucked up the ass and I'll spend the rest of the party with everyone but me knowing who's cum is inside me... its terrifying, but such a turn on!

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