EBay fun

I used to buy lots and lots of NWOT (new without tags) panties on eBay. I'd always start with some innocent sounding inquiry including my email address disguised not to trigger a computer for making back door deals. I would then email and ask if they take requests for the panties condition. Firstly, I always asked for proof that they were wearing them. Some gave nudes, custom messages, or just simply posing their crotch or bottom in the panties I was after. I started with their condition just asking them to be worn for several days, filled with sweat, their natural scents, and whatever else. Next it was asking them to masturbate in them, (some offered to have sex and have their bfs cum inside them before wearing the panties again, but I didn't want that). It progressed with requests for not wiping whenever they peed, or stuffing them in their vagina before sending them. Mind you always in a plastic bag after they dried, sealed for freshness. After months and months, these wonderful masturbation aids, went even further. I began to be more aroused by the backside of these dirty panties. When I was lucky, there was a light brown streak in the back with the full scent of sexy butthole. I began to ask the women to not wipe perfectly to intentionally leave deeper anal stains. Some women I was even able to get them to stuff the panties inside their ass with proof. I was buying everything, skirts, shirts, stockings, dirty socks, shoes, and even sex toys. I had used vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and whatever else, used and dirty just like the panties. There is something about the scents of a vagina and asshole that I cannot get enough of. I would sniff, lick, suck, and occasionally masturbate myself with the dirty panties. Sometimes I would cum in them.

1 month ago

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    • I don't think he's making it up! Look up used panties on ebay, outside of their own website (which forbids selling used panties). You have to be slick and disguise your email address in a message. Women will sell their urine, messy panties filled with anything you want, sex toys, spit, outfits, completely custom pictures, you name it. You can't fake the smell of vagina and an accompanying asshole. I had a girl on there take pictures of panties I bought being stuffed into her asshole with a custom message. I jerked off to her ass stains numerous times.

    • There is nothing better than asshole scent on panties . I’ve beat off to that many x the

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