Cuck life

I have a girlfriend like that. But my penis is real small. Its less then 2in, hard. But now i dont even get hard. But she has a few men that come to see her. Shes still good looking. Flat chested, but nice tiny nipples. Real nice fat ass, white girl ass. 3 nights ago we were laying in bed. Both naked. She was fucking my ass with a dildo, a big one. He phone rings. Its one of her guys. She said, go let tom in. Hes at the ftont door. I go to the door naked. Now, my penis is so small, i have nothing there. It goes inside me. I just have balls. He starts laughing and says, thats why i have to fuck your girl. I couldnt say nothing. Im nasty tiny. We go in the bedroom. She tells me to undress him. Si i do. Im on my knees, i pull his pants down and this huge cock is hanging there. Had to be 10in. And really fat. He grabs my head and shoves that huge cock in my mouth. My girl said, i knew you were a faggot. Now shes making me suck it. Saying, suck it you little dick faggot. Suck that mans huge cock. After a few, he climbs on top of my girl and plows that cock up in her pussy. She lets out a scream. She made me stand next to her, with my nuts near her face while she was getting fucked hard. She reachs up, grabs my sack and squeeses them, everytime he thrusted up in her, she pulled down and squezed. It was painful. I had to stand there and take it. Right before he started to cum, he pulled out, she grabbed his cock, grabbed my hair and made me start sucking his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped his load right down my throat. He made me suck it clean. Then they tossed me out the bedroom door and said, now go sleep on the couch like a good faggot. I went and layed down. No clothes, blankets, nothing. A little while goes by. I hear he pounding her again. Smacking her ass and across her face. Calling her a fuckin whore. It went on for a while. Morning comes. She comes out of the room, hes gone. I was sleeping on my back with my legs spread open. She comes out and sits right on my face, smacks me right in my nuts hard. I wake up of course, let out a yell. She says, eat the cum out of my cunt fag. Shes rubbing it all over my face. All i can smell is cum. I eat it all. Clean her up. She said, from now on when a real man cums here that will be your job faggot, get his cock hard and clean his cum. Youll sleep on the couch. I said, yes maam. So everyone fucks my girl but me. I like it like this. I love hard core humiliation and pain.

1 month ago

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