White slave

Im a tiny penis white faggot for the superior race, the black race. My girlfriend and myself have turned ourselfs over to the black new world order. BNWO is online, look it up. I am a B of spades. Beta male white faggot. We are live in slaves. What that means is that we live together as boy/girl friend. But im not allowed to touch her anymore, at all. We are owned property. Im not allowed to touch myself nor is she. We get punished for stuff like that. Im given a daily shot i belive its a hormone shot. It has srunk me penis completly. Its always been really small because im white. But now its all sriveld up, it went inside me. I also notice that my tits have got much bigger. The nipples look like womans nipples and my boobs are way out and round. I wear a bra daily now. They fill in a full B cup. My nuts have kind went away as well. They are up inside me. So when i wear pantys, wich is everyday. It looks like i have a cunt. No more lump from my nuts. Our house is always open to whom ever were being sold to at the time. My girl is fucked and abused all day long. By many different guys. Im also used and abused as a sex slave. Manly to be abused. My girl is taken somewhere else on the weekends. Shes put on the street corner half naked to sell her pussy to whom ever will buy it, for what ever they will pay for it. She told me shes put out there and told a dollar amount she needs to come back with, so she has to take whatever shes given. It the guy face fucks her he can give her 5 dollars. And they have. Im at the house being pimped out. Until i look more fem then ill be put on a corner to. Last friday night he brought over 6 superior black men to hang out. I. The house slave. I get them drinks, give them a massage, they will even call me over if they dont feel like getting up, i get on my knees in front of them, unzip there pants, pull there cock out, put the head in my mouth and they piss in my mouth. I am used as a toilet. Im made to drink there superior golden piss. Then i lick clean there head and put it back away. Then i have to thank them for allowing me to touch there superior kings cock and for letting me drink there golden piss. They get very drunk and do a lot of foul things to me. Like being tied to the wall and they see who can smack me the hardest, across the face, on my ass and between my legs in the front. Im spit on, punched, kicked, they have even used my ass to throw darts at. I sit in a chair next to them with my legs closed and the use my crotch and mouth as an ashtray. They have also put smokes out in my asshole. Im fucked, im fucked with objects, im face raped, and beat, called nasty names. If im not acting like a faggot enough they will beat my ass. Black men and woman are far more superior then the nasty white race. All white men and woman should kneel to our superiors. Our black superiors. We all will be very soon. A lot of white people are already owned. We need to stop breeding, let real black men abuse our white woman. Get them pregnant and push out black baby after black baby. We are betas. Whites are descusting. Castrate all white men. Put them on the shot. Take the very little bit of man hood we have left. Enslave us black gods. You are far more powerful. Im very sorry for being white. Im ready to pay with turning over my body to be sexually used and abused. Do what ever you will with it. When i can no longer do my duties as a cracker slave then put me on my knees, butt naked chained in the street. Only black lives matter. Yous are so much .ore superior. We could never be half the men yous are. Im so sorry!!

1 month ago

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    • You're jewish, Semitic. Not white.

    • Thank you for not having children.

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