My Biggest Mistake, losing her.

Her name is Patty. Red hair, freckles, that hair had every color of red possible, she wore it long. She came to our school in the 6th grade.
One look and I fell in love. But I could not even talk to her, I was too shy.
We were in several classes together in High School, I did manage to say hello, but that was it. She was in every fantasy I had as we grew up. By our Senior year, I knew she was dating, usually the popular boys, which I was not. The only sport I did was track, one day I broke the half mile school record at 2.02, she was there and congratulated me.
One day I got some things from my locker, turned and ran into her, knocked her down, broke her big round gold wire framed glasses. She was furious, without her glasses she could only barely see. I taped the middle together for her and promised to pay for new ones, but I was broke. So, I mowed lawns, stacked firewood, until I had enough to go to her house and take her down to be fitted with a new pair.
She thanked me, saying these were much better than her others, and she kissed me on the cheek. I was so in love I was shaking, she smiled and walked away.
Finally done with school, I worked up my courage and asked her out, just a movie and a soda after. We began to date, many times over the next six months. We kissed and she allowed me to caress her breasts but that was it. Then one day when I was really horny and was trying everything, she made me stop. Then with a smirk, she undid my pants and used her hand, after telling me her mother had told her to do that, no real sex until marriage. It hit me that she must have done that for some of her other dates, since it was so matter of fact, but I let that slide, since we were not together then.
Finally, I bought a ring, now working I had my own place, one evening after being out she told me she was ready. I did not know what she meant until she told me she went on the pill a month before. So, we made love that night, and she was obviously a virgin. After that, sex was a regular thing, and we married in June.
Three years, we shared everything, I was happy. Then she dropped the bombshell, telling me I was the only man she ever had sex with and she wanted permission to see what the world had to offer. I blew up, called her names, slapped her.
She cried, then exclaimed she just wanted to know if she was missing anything. I slept on the couch that night.
The next night when I got home, she was gone.
I am writing this now because I saw her at the store, Black Friday. She was with a guy we went to school with, one of the jocks. He saw me and leered.
I wanted to hit him but I just walked away.
Patty just looked at me, no expression at all.
I am still in love with her but I refuse to share her, but by not sharing her I can't be with her.
I am not sure I am better off.

1 month ago


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    • Take a break, man. If she loves you she'll come back. Meanwhile, play the field, and you may find something better. Oh, and get some help with your anger issues and never lay a hand on another woman unless she wants you to.

    • My wife and I were both virgins when we started dating. Within two weeks we fucked for the first time. We fucked for the whole freshman year of college. She decided that she wanted to be with other guys so we broke up. Over the next two years we both had sex with several other partners. We got back together senior year and have been together for almost 50 years now. We both feel that having sex with others would have happened eventually so that it was best that we fucked other partners prior to getting married.

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