I’m F**king my wife’s cousin.

Dee (46), jet black curly hair, light blue eyes, 5’ 10”. She always battled weight issues, nothing bad, I think she has NICE curves and huge natural tits and a loves to flirt. She’s always lingered around the 160 to 180lb range. She has 2 grown boys and been married a 4 times.

This wasn’t the first time we fooled around. Jess and Dee are cousins. Back in high school, Jess was a short skinny blonde that cheered and had to ride the bus to away games. Dee rode with me and would give road head. We came close to f**king a few times but never did. That was over 30 years ago.

Dee switched jobs from the photo center at a pharmacy to a supervisor at a manufacturing plant making triple the money. After her last divorce, she took money she’d been saving for a cruise and had gastric bypass, mastoplexy and implants. She was lucky to get the surgery before the pandemic. Our kids are also grown and gone so she stayed with us to recover. The first months of 2020 gave her time to concentrate on diet and exercise. DAMN!!! It paid off! Her waist is super tiny and she told us she’s at goal of 120lb Her tits look amazing! I think 20lbs is tits! Whew! Her ass is perfectly firm and she ROCKS denim jeans!

I was going to the driving range to knock a few balls when Dee called Jess to ask if I’d come by and look at her tire. She noticed a nail sticking out. I left early because I didn’t know what I was getting into. I got there she was wearing jeans, heels, tight tank top and her nipples were poking out. I struggled to hide my hard on but she noticed and smiled. The tire had air so I took it to a local shop less than a mile away. A guy pulled a short nail out of the tread and said ‘No worries.’ I was only gone a few minutes and the range didn’t open for another hour so she asked me to come in.

I was in the kitchen watching her ass. She knew it. She brought me coffee and a peck on the lips. We started making out. She pulled off her tank top and put my hand on her firm tits and said, “Do you like them?” I was hard. She started rubbing my D**k and said, “I can take care of that.” We went to her bedroom. She gave me a sloppy wet blow job. I did my best to hold back but blew my load anyway. I played with her tits until I got hard again. We f**ked. She has insane ripped ABS and a FREAK!

Dee confessed she always wanted to f**k me. She also asked if we can keep it a secret and continue. We F**k once a week. Jess has no idea. I don’t feel bad because Jess is a 5th grade teacher and a few years ago she started attending mandatory inservice classes. Since then she’s become very aggressive toward me, bitches if I ask for sex so we no longer 'do it' and has let herself go. She used to watch what she eats now it’s only fast food and never fixes her hair. She lounges around in all day in her pajamas. Hell, she even wears them to the store and gripes all the time. Before Dee and I started having sex, I’d thought about divorce. Now, I’ll just keep this up and if we get caught then we’ll go from there. Dee’s fun and a FREAK!

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  • It seems likely that you will end up married to Dee, so why don't you go ahead and start the process now by divorcing your wife and letting that dust settle a little bit? That would also allow you to avoid the trauma of "getting caught" in flagrante with Jess. Anyway, congrats on finding true love!!!

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