High School Friend

One of my friends from high school would always come over on Sundays to watch football since he was a jock and was QB in high school. I knew that he wanted to fuck my wife when we were in school but she never went out with him since we were a couple. He often talked about the many female classmates that he fucked and I was always impressed with the so called good girls that would fuck the QB.
My friend would flirt with my wife and often would come up behind her and feel her 34C breasts. I told my wife that she should not wear a bra one weekend. So my friend found that he was feeling her boobs through just her thin shirt. While I watched him fondle my wife I found that I was getting an erection. After a while I watched as my friend got his hands under my wife's shirt and he cupped her bare breasts. Soon my wife was grinding back against him. I walked over and kissed my wife and I whispered in her ear that it was okay if she took him into our bedroom. I followed them and I undressed my wife in front of my friend. Then I laid her on her back on our bed and I kissed my wife while I motioned my friend to get between her spread legs. My wife took his dick in her hand and guided him into her wet cunt. I sat down beside her and watched as my friend fucked my wife. I was so turned on the I came in my pants without even touching my dick.
I left them in our bedroom and went to the guest room to sleep. During the night I was woken up twice by the bed in our bedroom banging against the common wall with the guest room. I woke up early and made breakfast and took it in to my wife and my friend. We all sat on the bed and ate. My friend said that he had to leave and they kissed. After he left my wife asked me if I still loved her and I said that of course I did. Then she asked if I knew how big my friend was and I said yes I did know since that I had seen him in the shower many times after football practice. My wife said that now that she had been fucked by a large dick that she might not want to stop. I told her that she could fuck my friend any time that she wanted. I then quickly fucked her and came in her cunt with my friend's come dripping out of her.

8 months ago

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    • Next time eat her before you fuck her and again after

    • Well, aren't you a sweet little door mat ?

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