Brother inlaw

I was out drink with my sister and we got pretty drunk.
Her husband picked us up at bar and took us home.
I spent the night at there house and when we got there my sister went straight to bed and I crashed on the couch.
Bill came out and checked on me a little bit later and I remember him shaking me to see if i was okay.
He took my shoes off and removed my pants
I was in no mood to object.
What happened next was completely unexpected and in my drunken state i did not do nothing.
He pulled my panties down I remember him saying you have a nicer ass than your sister. He fucked me and from what i can remember came quickly and left.
I nevwr said anything. I think he thinks i was too drunk to remember.
Now a year later i find myself curious of what he would be like without me drunk that is.
I fantasize about it all the time.

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  • You should fuck him and find out.

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