Dirty FFP2 Mask

My hot coworker leaves her FFP2 mask on her desk to dry and uses them multiple times. Yesterday I stayed longer in the office and when everybody else was gone I grabbed her masks and went to the toilet. I then peed inside one and rubbed the other on on my anus. The mask was then a little bit more dirty then I expected but I decided to leave it that way and put back all masks to her desk. Today she came in with a brand new mask on but when we all went to our Jour Fix at 09:00 she decided to change the mask to have a fresh one during the meeting. She grabbed the "Anus-Mask" and we rushed to the meeting room. When we all sat down and the meeting started she was looking left and right and frowned and she then started to slightly pull on her mask several times. I couldn´t even concentrate on the meeting. My dick was rock hard. I could tell from the look of her eyes she was struggling due to the smelly mask. But she couldn´t escape cause she had some topics to discuss right from the start of the meeting. After 15 minutes she asked to leave the room to check something important she forgot about. She then returned with the new mask from the morning. She didn´t say a word to me or to others. Unfortunatelly she threw the "Pee-Mask" into the trash. Probably she checked it before using it. Now I´m curious if she will leave a mask this evening or take them home with her. If I will get another chance I maybe try to cum in one.

1 month ago

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    • That's fucked up hope you get caught

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