Every now and then

My wife surprised the hell out of me one day probably six months after we started having sex. We were making love at the time and after several orgasms for her and me still going strong she tells me to hold on and heads to the bathroom. She emerges minutes later with some Vaseline and a towel, spreads the towel out on the bed and tells me she wants to try anal.
I have never brought that up with any woman and was not even thinking about it because I am larger than average and to quote my wife “WOW! Your cock is big!” were her exact words the first time she saw it erect. So when I heard her say she wanted to try anal I was surprised.
She was on her knees and started playing with herself and told me to just rub my cock on her anus and tease it with little pushes. I began doing so and could see her arm moving a lot as well as feel she was rubbing herself pretty hard and fast. I kept rubbing and she would let out little gasps and tell me deeper until to my amazement my cock was probably three inches into her ass. I watched her anus flex and grip my head as I slowly stroked in and out of her and she had a huge moaning, screaming orgasm. She was breathing in and out hard and quivering as I kept up the in and out and she asked me if I had orgasmed yet. She told me I could do it a little harder or she could stroke me off so I pulled out because I did not want to hurt her anus. I was amazed that it just closed right up tight when I pulled out and even more when she said, really you can fuck me harder keep it going.
I went back in and began picking up the pace, she kept saying yes and moaning out how good it felt. I started to orgasm a few minutes later and tried to keep myself from going in to deep. She heard me moaning and pushed back a few times and I was easily in her ass four inches. We got up and took a shower and I told she really threw me with that one, she just smiled at me and told me that every once in a while she loves her ass played with a lot.
She still likes it played with and we do it like two or three times a year.

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  • I've heard guys say their women are more contented if they get anal sex every so often. Anyway, that was hot.

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