Video store I used to visit

I used to live about an hour from an all night adult video store and it had booths in the rear of it, this was back in the early 90's when they were more popular. Sometimes there would be sex going on back there and I received a few blow jobs now and then from some of the women. I went there one evening right after work which was not my usual time to go and when I wandered back by the booths to see what was going on this guy had his wife in bondage and told me to go in and close the door and do what I wanted with her. I had never seen something like this for real, only in videos, her arms were strapped behind her back and she had on a face mask but it had a ring pinning her mouth open. She was kneeling on a blanket nude and had a bar between her knees keeping her legs spread out. He told me if I was going to fuck her I had to wear a condom and sure enough there was a box of those sitting on one of the chairs. I decided that at least getting my cock sucked would be great so I walked in and closed the door behind me thinking that this was incredible because just based on her body she was a lovely woman.
I unzipped and put my cock thru the hole a little bit and as soon as she felt it she began moving her head sucking on me. Her tongue was darting around and she was totally into this pushing her face right down to my pubic hair. I let her suck me for a few minutes then pulled out and started playing with her nipples. I looked at the condoms and thought why the hell not. I opened one up and bent her over, she put her ass right up in the air and when she felt me entering her pushed back into me and began rocking her body back and forth. I grabbed her hips for a few good deep rams and she did not mind at all, I looked at her anus and noticed it was really wet looking, I ran a finger around it and it was very slippery. I thought about it for a moment then pulled out of her pussy and began rubbing the head of my cock around it. I pushed into her a little bit and she did not back away so I eased it in and out some as she moaned out. I was amazed at how much this woman loved sex.
I kept going in and out of her anus then switched back to her vagina for a few minutes but I decided that I wanted to have her suck me off for my orgasm so I got up and removed the condom then got her back on her knees again. she was as eager as ever and began sucking on me again slurping away on my cock, I grabbed her head and went in a little deeper a few times then started cumming and she swallowed me down pumping her head back and forth, It felt absolutely awesome. I pulled my cock out and cum dripped down her mask around her mouth along with saliva, I thought this woman is incredible. I bent her over again and just ran my fingers around her ass and pussy playing with her clit some and watching her squirm around as I rubbed it. I must admit I got a little bit of a high being in control of her some what and really wanted to fuck her ass some more but I decided that I had some fun and did not want to over do it. I opened up the door and walked out telling the guy thanks and he smiled at me and told me that this was her idea. I never saw them again and whenever I stopped in there it was in the back of mind hoping that it would happen again.

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  • Nice one. mmmm

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