My wife is a dream come true

My wife has always been a stay at home mom, she worked for the first year we were married but we moved for my promotion and I told her not to worry about getting a job. We started our family and have not looked back once. I was so amazed when we went on our honeymoon, she was ten times more sexual after the wedding. We had fooled around a little but she told me she had promised her parents that she would get married a virgin, she did not consider giving me a blowjob as losing her virginity. I could play with her breasts if I wanted to but anything else was off limits. We were in the cab going to our hotel and she reached over and started massaging my cock thru my pants, she leaned into me and gave me a kiss then whispered in my ear "how many blow jobs do you want today?"
I was joking around with her and said "Oh just make it a bakers dozen" and she did just that from the time we checked in to around midnight. Two nights later we were out for a fairly late dinner around 8 pm and we found this really interesting restaurant, I usually do not like dim lighting and when we were walking to our table my wife asked the host if we could have that corner booth. I looked at it and was surprised, I could barely see the back of it with the lighting. We slid into the booth which was probably big enough for six people and ordered, after our drinks arrived she took a few sips of hers and looked around then in one graceful move she was under the table squatting, I have to tell you she was and is a very petite woman at 5'1" tall and back then she had the body of a gymnast. She reached up and started pulling down my zipper. I looked around and knew why she was doing this because the only way I could see anyone else was to look way over my shoulder. I felt her lips sucking on me and really did not care at that point who saw us. She finished off swallowing me, slid back up into the booth and told me she wanted to start with dessert, she also told me that she was very turned on after doing that here where someone could have caught us.
She has never lost her desire to suck me and there are many times that she will go several months doing it daily, when I got my last promotion it was a big one in both responsibility and salary. She came to the office with me one weekend because we were out and I needed to pick up something, she had wanted to check out my office for a few months now. We were standing in it and she was looking around then sat down in my chair, she looked out and then under the desk. She looked up at me and said you know I could easily sit under there and suck your cock all day, I told her that as appealing as that sounded maybe just a lunch break would be great. The following week I got a call from the front desk that Shelly was here and has your lunch delivery. I had not ordered a lunch but my that is my wife's middle name so I figured that it was her. I went down to get my lunch and sure enough it was her, we went back up to my office and just like she wanted to do she closed the door and got under my desk. I asked her if she was going to eat lunch and she smiled at me and told me she only brought me lunch hers was going to be my cock. She brings me lunch several times a year and it is always the same thing and I think she loves it more than I do.
Lately she has developed a bit of a kinky side now that we have the house to ourselves again. I came home a few months back to a quiet house, no answer when announced that I was home from work. I had seen her car in the garage but thought she was not home but when I walked into the bedroom to change my clothes there she was at the foot of our bed. I guess to properly describe it she was tied to the foot board of it, she somehow had ropes around each knee back to the legs of the bed spreading her out. There were two wires running into the front of her panties with the controllers laying on the floor under her, upon checking this out I saw that one was in her vagina and the other was in her anus. Her arms were thru the openings and her wrists were cuffed together, she also had a this contraption I had never seen before in her mouth, it looked like something a dentist would use to spread it out. Her mouth was open about an inch or so but there was a handle on the side to turn and open it wider. I looked down at her and told she really out did herself with all of this and I was pretty turned on by all of it. I reached down and turned on both vibes to high and watched her hips start moving around and listened to little moans and whimpers for a few minutes while I got undressed. When I came out of the closet she had her head hanging down and she was twitching around in short movements, I think the vibe on her vagina was more than she thought it would be on her clit. She looked up at me and made some pleading sounds as her head bobbed around and her leg muscles tightened up. I asked her if her clit was getting to stimulated and her head bobbed up and down quickly so I reached down and turned it to medium, she let out a sigh of relief. I got down on the floor to really look at them in action, I pulled her panties to the side then looked at the one in the back. there was just a wire running into her anus and I loved how wet it looked from the lube she used on it. I pulled on the wire enough to spread her anus with the vibe then let it glide back inside of her and after repeating that a few times just left in there. Her feet were a ways back but not out of reach so I decided to play with those for a bit and listen to her really squeal, she is so ticklish anywhere she is touched but her feet are really bad. She was squealing in short burst with saliva running down her chin when I stopped tickling them and I am pretty sure she had an orgasm during the ticking as well. I decided next that I wanted to see just how this spreader thing worked in her mouth so I played with that for a minute and had her spread out pretty wide. I then decided that she needed her vagina stuffed with a large dildo so I pulled her panties to the side and pushed a large one fully into her then used her panties to keep it in there. Her legs were trembling the whole time so I knew she really loved it, I was having some difficulty though getting the vibe to stay up on her clit but some medical tape wrapped around the dildo did the trick. She was moaning and gyrating again as I stood up and put my cock right against her lips. I looked down at her wet cleavage from all the saliva then figured a towel on the floor would be a good idea so I went and got one then began slowly pumping in and out of her mouth. She started moving her head to my hips pushing her nose right to my pubic hair, her cock sucking skills are amazing as I felt her throat contracting around the head of my cock. She always swallows me but this time my plan was to pull out and cum on her face then watch as it slid down to her breasts. I would then plunge back in for more sucking after removing the spreader.
I did just that and she was moaning out as I stroked and sprayed her lips and chin with sperm, one of my spurts landed on her nose and she had her eyes closed not wanting to get any in one of them. I looked at my handy work then undid the spreader, she looked up at me and told me nice job dear as I leaned forward and began pumping her mouth again. I stopped after a few minutes then sat on the floor in front of her and picked up the controllers again, the anus vibe was still on high and I ramped the other one to the same. She let out a moaning squeal and started gasping, her mouth was open as her eyes fluttered barely open. She began to orgasm again and her head bobbed up and down as she strained against the ropes with her legs, she let out a few gasps then begged me to stop the vibe. I turned both of them off and then started getting them out of her, the panties were soaked and she was trembling again as everything came out of her.
She told me the key to the hand cuffs was on the dresser and then she told me that this was really fun and she had a great time doing it.

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