The baby shower pt1

My wife and I were invited to a friend of the family's baby shower and because they lived about 20 hours away, her sister said to crash at her place.

When we arrived we were tired and just wanted to rest. My wife went straight to the spare room and instantly dozed off. As I drove all the way I couldn't fall asleep and instead started to watch tv.

A bit later the SIL asked if I wanted a drink to help me relax, which I couldn't object to. Soon we drank and talked and before we knew it, we had polished off a bottle of Captain. She was real tipsy and couldn't keep her head straight and asked if I could help her to bed. As I went to told her up, her size D sized breasts were poping out of her shirt and her nipples were hard! Next thing I know she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breasts and told me to squeeze them asking how they compared to my wife's. I was stunned and didn't know how to respond so just kept quiet.

As I laid her on her bed, i turned away to walk out when she grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of her. She said her husband was away and she had not had a good fuck in a while and asked if I could fuck her brains out. I thought she was drunk talking but then she spread her legs and slid her panties to one side exposing her pink pussy. I instantly got a hard on as she grabbed and pulled it out of my shorts and guided it to her pussy while still pulling me to enter her wet pussy.

I waited to hear if my wife was still asleep and not a sound was heard from the spare room giving me confidence to fucking her sister. As I entered her tight pussy she covered her mouth and asked me to ram it deep inside her already tight pussy. I did as she said and I could see her eyes roll back in complete pleasure. After punding her pussy hard for a while she said I was ok to cum inside her as she was on the pills and I obliged. She dozed off to sleep with my cum slowly running down her pussy onto her anus and onto her bed.

It was arpund 10pm by now and I went to sleep with my wife. As I slid into bed, it woke her and she started to grab my cock and moved down to suck it. She said it tasted great and the aroma made her horny and wanted to be fucked rough. She didn't know she was cleaning the pussy of her sister but she enjoyed it. Oh yea we fucked hard and long and eventually built up to cum deep in her anus!

I will tell what happened during and after the bany shower in my next post...

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