Gold diggers

It’s very obvious I live a nice lifestyle, twice now I have be accused of being the biological father to two pregnant women.
I make it very clear to every woman I meet I’m not interested in any long term commitment.
The length women will go too to try and accuse you of being responsible for something they have no proof.
They drag family and friends into the situation and that’s when I play my trump card and show them a negative sperm count from having a vasectomy 12 years ago.

8 days ago

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    • I was snipped early in my marriage, a good decision. After we broke up, 10 years later, I was able to meet and have sex with many women, including a couple of ex wife's friends, without any fear of getting them pregnant. It's surprising how quickly some women, especially married ones, are to get into bed once they find that you are firing blanks.

    • Having a vasectomy is one of the weakest things a man could ever do. Why impair yourself on purpose? I've no idea how many women probably got pregnant by me, but I'm not stupid to stick around and find out. It's call a one night stand for a reason.

    • You daft twat, it’s not being weak it’s being sensible, I like a few fucks from a woman not just one!

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