I’m married female 49yrs old and really should know better .
I’m in the UK and this happened !
I had just left the M4 motorway on my own in my own car and was travelling about a mile when I thought I should have stopped for a peer break as I just passed the services , I got to the next junction of the dual carriage way and made my way back to the service , I dint get there as on the side was a small cafe truck stop I guess and a public loo .
It looked well kept so I decided to go and take a pee . It was dusk and getting darker but it was well lit and there were still a few cars parked so I had no idea what was about to happen .
I go in abs go to the end cubicle , I don’t why I do lol I guess I prefer the least amount of potential people next to me !
I shut the door and the usual graffiti is on the door and walls , not too much abs not too bad except for one written in a sharpie. It said something along the lines of “ if you want to have fun clap your hands” below it it said wait fir the whistle
I thought how weird is that ! Aldo there was a small hole in the door , no not a glory hole it looked like a peep hole at about waist level .
Next thing I hear is what sounds like a guy coughing , that’s s bit close I thought then starts whistling !
Ok call be stupid but It didn’t click straight away he stops whistling abs quietly speaks , have you read the words on the door ? Do I said are you talking to me I think you ate in the wrong toilets this is the ladies , he replies calmly no I know where I am I was just asking incase you didn’t realise what this place is known for . I took it in and figured it out pretty quickly then and I got a cold shiver all over me so I said ah hold on s min let me read it . So instead I tried to see who it was .
I saw him , all I can say he was way better than I expected , I dint know why but not to generalise I thought he would’ve been fat and old . Quite the opposite he wasn’t tall but perfectly formed .
I said oh I see know this was all with me in s locked cubicle , I thought I would test the water and be crude at the same time so said . Omg do people meet to fuck here !
Yes was the answer , if you aren’t in to that I will leave immediately but if you want to try a little bit I would love you to try
I said hold on and flushed the loo pulled up my knickers and opened the door .
I stood in the doorway looked at him abs asked what he meant , he said he would love to masturbate In front of me while I watched , I said I’m ok with that if you want to .
He immediately took out his cock which I guess was about or just above average but thick and it was semi hard . He started to pull just looking straight at me
He asked do you like it
Yes I replied it’s nice
That seemed to excite him
He kept going and asked my name
I have it to him and every time he said anything he used my name .
He got more and more exited and then asked if he could see some of me
I asked what do you want ?
Anything that you feel ok with
I lifted my top up so he could see my boobs in my bra .
Pull your bra down so I can see those big tits of yours
He was getting brave and cocky lol
I did , he could see my hard nipples as I was getting excited but more do it was quite cold
He still was standing at the end of the cubicles 10 feet away so I felt sort of safe , god knows why ! Probably excitement and complying with the requests wasn’t hurting .
He then dropped his trousers and his fulll member and balls were in full view
He said lift your skirt for me please
I did more and took my knickers off first and then kicked them over to him then lifted my skirt leant back against the wall and opened my legs so he full view of my cunt . I had shaved two days earlier so was just a bit prickly but from a distance looked smooth.
He had picked up my knickers and was smelling them in front of me with his cock dangling almost horizontal under its weight with his large balls hanging there , I have to admit I was getting wet .
He walked slowly towards me after putting my knickers in his pocket , I said you are not to going to fuck me so don’t try , he said it’s ok I won’t , he came closer and asked can I touch you though and you touch me . I never spoke but reached out to his cock , it was so hard s d hot to the touch . His cold hand rand down towards my cunt and started to rub my now hardening clitoris . He stood really close obviously and I started to wank him while he fingered me and circling my clit
It didn’t take long before he came being carfull to shoot towards the cubicle not me , he then proceeded to work on my clit with both hands as I lifted my arms up when he came
With one hand he was finger fucking me really fast and just furiously rubbed my clit with the other .
I came hard twice in quick succession.
He then pulled up his pants and trouser and said wow that was awesome I hope you come here again soon !
I thought wow is that how these things work
I did call there again on three occasions only one other time something happened which ended up me being fucked by two guys in all holes being used hard . After that I never went there as the fucking was a step too far if not really exciting
I know where to go though if I ever get so horny again lol

10 days ago

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    • What is your phone number? What is your home address? My cock is nice hard fat and good size for you.

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      But after 6PM

    • No I never did that’s why I needed to say on here to get it out

    • Did you tell your husband

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