Girlfriends mom as she sat by her daughter both sleeping

I never get time with my lass as her mom is always around I went to see her I always just walked in they were sat on the couch together with a couple of bottles of empty wine bottles past out both of them they had a duvet over them I went under it and the idea was to eat her out as she sat by her mum so here's me it was dangerous as she could of caught me well she did in a way I spread the legs pulled panties to aside and started eating it was well juicy I was going for it fingering it to I felt her buck and moan she I said your mom will catch us and she went quiet and I went for it then I slipped out and went in the kitchen later they woke up and her mom said hi when did you get here just now have you just woke up no I woke up a while ago ok I said my lass came up to me and kissed me said what have you been up to you taste funny he winked at her and said you no what I have been up to and she went out for a fag her mom then turned to me and said you need to do that more often I said what she was you no how to treat clit right I said I beg you pardon she says to me we were sat side by side don't think you know your left from right to well and it was me you were eating out no way I said you loved it tho why didn't you stop me she said you thought I was her so I let you finish me she came out of there you have been in there she a lucky las if you eat like that god only knows what your cock must feel like in side my gf came in she was are you ok you look shocked I was yeah Hun I am fine so what have you been eating Hunny I said some thing I should something you wouldn't like don't lie to me if you ate something that sweet I would like it I said I don't think you would I looked at her mom I said she wouldn't like it would she she was hunni your a vegetarian what he was eating was meaty and juicy god you make it sound like clit mom sorry Hunni he got sticky fingers eating it to or ok sticky ribs lol her mom said to her and my gf went upstairs to change I said to her mom am so sorry please tell me what I can do to make this of bot happened she was did you like it I said fuck yeah I did but I thought you were her she was let's keep this between us and forget it happened later that night her daughter was fucking me she was are you ok yeah I said why she is you cock is massive I was just thinking of something keep thinking of it wow I love it so do I later she was talking to her mom I was in the next room I could hear her saying he fucked me mom last night and his cock was massive he said he was thinking of something I said keep thinking about it and keep pounding me with that monster cock of yours her mom said what was he thinking of I don't know and don't care if I get that in me I will ask him if you want what is on his mind make you self not here for a few hours and I will get it out of him really mum you would do that for me and me Hun yes I will of my lass went her mom was right what made you fuck my daughter like that I said you she told me to think of what was making me hard it was you I fucked her thinking she was you she said so what you want me with that I ripped open her dress wow I said that fucking amazing I know that pussy is mine now I am going to get the rest no your not I said you do not have a choice I went for her I took her to her daughters bed pinned her to the bed fucked her she was sucking my cock wanking me off bucking back as I fucked her she pulled of my condom said no way you fuck me til your ready to come then come over me ok mom I said did I fuck she was so wet and loving it that I kept going at her I shot my load in her pussy wow she said you didn't pull out I didn't this morning and I was not going to now she turns to me and said be honest now this morning when you ate me out did you know who you were eating out yes of cause I did I love your pussy and I have been waiting for you to get drunk and be like that so I can do it

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  • Punctuation! Promising story but couldn't finish with the run on sentence(s).

  • Just read it it happened she was good

  • Dyslexia

  • Good story but horrible grammar.

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