Catching my wife give head

One day I came home from work and had noticed my wife’s car was in the drive and another car in front of my house. I walked up the driveway to our back yard. When I got to the back I saw a man standing with his eyes closed and an odd expression on his face. When I approached, I could clearly see it was my wife Holly and she was at his feet. She was kneeling before him in a sun hat and bikini cover only. Her feet were bare and she was sitting on her heels. Her head was bobbing fast and I heard the man say he was going to cum. Her response was to take him in her mouth faster and deeper. He came down her throat hard and made sounds I’m sure our neighbors heard. I snuck off before either of them saw me. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever witnessed!

10 days ago

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    • My wife knows that I like to see her suck or fucking a big cock but sometimes she has not told me she had something arranged and I come home and catch them fucking, its happened only twice, but it was a turn on , the guy would be shocked but when he realized I was ok with it then I would join in or watch and jack off.

    • I have watched my wife sucking other guys off. The first time we had a BBQ in the summer time. We all were drinking all day me and my two friends were drunk and you know how guys start talking shit. I had told them how when my wife gets drunk that she has no gag reflex at all. She was in the house getting us drinks. One guy said bullshit we all were laughing when she came outside. She wanted to know what was so funny. One of the guys blurted out what we were talking about. She laughed and said well that's true. Again my friend said bullshit. She looked at him and said you think so pull out your dick and I will prove it. He almost fell down when he stood up. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Limp he was about 6 inches she looked at me and smiled she got onto her knees and took his cock into her mouth and started working on it. When he finally got hard he was a good 8 inches. She grabbed his ass and pulled him close and let his cock slide into her throat. And held it there for a while. Me and my other friend already had our cocks out playing with them. I told him to fuck her throat and she let him. He ended up cumming in her throat. As she started sucking my other friend the first guy sat down and said that she gave him the best head he ever had. I told him that she loves sucking cock more than anything else. He said that I wasn't telling a lie .

    • I'm sure you know she hasn't limited him to blowjobs. What is your plan to catch her fucking him? Does being a cuck turn you on too?

    • Are you jealous because she’s getting the all the cock that you crave?

    • Lucky, now you know what sort of slut you have for a wife enjoy her as such.

    • I wish your magnificent fabulous horny wife would enjoy given me a Suck job I would extremely enjoy humping her horny mouth Cumming deeply inside of it that would be incredible tasty and delicious for her MY horny penis is 6 INCH HARD ps JERYTINYCOCK YORK PA

    • You don’t have a cock.

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