Lady tutor

I had a tutor to help me with my school work it was in the country side when there for 2 years i walked in on my first day and met a lovley lady normal looking but i was a randy teenager this was a older lady and she had boobs big ones at that i was young and gagging i would talk to her about things in my life she would listen one day she says to me so have you got a girlfreind no i said oh why not the girls i go for i dont go to school with ok so what kind of girl do you like i said well i have a thing for my german teacher ok is she a young hotty no i said ok so what is she i was well she is older but a busty lady and sometimes her buttons pop open i sit there with a hard on and my driving instructor who has just dropped me off here has just split up with her hubby and she talks to me how she got home and he had left her or that not nice i no shes a older lady to so you like your self a mature lady then yes i do i said well she didnt think anything ealse she was sat there i a button through dress she was a busty lady i had never shown any thi g for her to question hiw or what i wanted from her she had a condition that she would fall asleep with no way of knowi g it would happen it happened that day i was sat there when it happened when it did i took her knickers of her and and unfid a few of her top buttons the thi g is she would be talking to you she would nod of then wake up and not relise she had been asleep i was sat there reading a book when she woke up so you were saying you like older ladies yes she looked at me and said have i been asleep no i said we got chatting again and she looked at me i was are you ok i feel a bit strange are you ok i dont seem to be wearing knickers she said realy yes she said am sure i put them on this morning ill go put some on so of she went she was gone a while so i went to check she was out again i put her back on the couch took her bra of her tweeked her nips made her a tea and sat next to her she came round again said sorry bout that i said no need did you get your knickers then sorry she said i said you went to put some knickers on by the look of them nips you got pocking through your top you not wearing a bra either no need you are so pert miss i said what going on she said so what i went to put k ickers on cane back with out my bra nips erect and still no knickers either i have been asleep havnt i yes miss you have but dont you worry i have looked after you i bet you have you naughty boy how may times have i been out 7 times i said and what a sexy body you have is this the first time i said my first day i was here i ate you four times you sucked my cock and gave me a tit wank i have done you every day am here she said by anychance have you been i my bed room yes i said love it in there i have wipped you clit when you have peed you were asleep i have put my cock in you so many times i have gropped you fingered you licked your arse hole clit but your nips and i have done everything wen you are out cold and asleep she turns to me and i thought i was going to get a slap she says to me come here i moved in she say i dont have a condition right i said she was i have let you do everything you have done and have loved it so dont stop now you know the truth

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  • One giant run on sentence. Please learn how to write.

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