Girl's Night Out

My husband doesn't know this. When I go out with my friends for a girls night my husband has always said okay but he reminds me that I will "pay the piper" when I get home. Meaning he will expect sex, and I always give more effort in appreciation of his being supportive of me going out with the girls.
He knows we go to restaurants and lounges and dance clubs. He always tells me to not dance with other men, and I say that is girls just dance together and do not dance with other men ever. What he doesn't know is that I do dance with other men, all of my friends do and none of the husbands know it. I get really close with other guys and press closely against them and grind on them and let them run their hands over my body on the dance floor. Our girl rule is what happens in the club stays in the club.
I feel really guilty. Wednesday was a girls night. At the club I danced with a lot of different guys, and I was feeling frisky. I was grinding hard on all of them and being really more naughty than usual. I had on a thin material short dress, chiffon. One man I danced with was wearing slacks and my dress rode up so that it was practically my bare butt in a thong grinding against his hard penis. I really ground into it a lot and he was kissing my neck and feeling my hips and breasts. He kissed my cheek and I turned my head more and he kissed my lips. We must have danced for at least 20 minutes very closely and a lot of touching and grinding and kissing, and he reached under my dress and rubbed my vulva. We found a seat and made out heavily. The table was blocking the view of his hand in my panties and he had fingers in my vagina and one in my butt. Finally a friend found me and told me we had to leave, she knew I was getting carried away. When I got home tipsy and ready to pounce my husband he was in bed waiting for me. I washed up feels my guilty about the night with the stranger at the club and gave my husband a really good BJ and then got on top of him. I got some lube and told him we can do anal, he was very happy about that! I was craving it because that stranger had fingered my butt. I imagined the stranger the whole time. I feel guilty.
My girls night usually involve less intense dancing but still enough that I come home tipsy and really horny and my husband reaps the reward. Is this wrong?

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  • Yeah, it's wrong. Just curious: do you think you got the dude off from grinding at the club? You also can't let some random guy finger bang you. That's cheating.

  • Maybe your husband knows and is turned on.

  • Is it wrong? Well if you have to lie about what you are doing in the club the answer is simple, YES its wrong! If you know your husband would be pissed that you were making out and getting your pussy fingered under a table by a complete stranger like a whore then YES its wrong. I suspect you already know how wrong it is because you said you feel guilty though I doubt you really do. You will be fucking some guy in the parking lot next and when it all blows up you will be boo whoing how terrible your husband is.

  • It's not wrong if you like it.

  • Well not really but you are heading in the wrong direction sooner or later one of these guys is going to get his dick in you for certain, then what ?

  • The what happens in a place stays in that place rarely ever works. In the long run the truth gets out. Good on you for having such a great friend bail you out. This is how you could become another tragic story line on Investigation Discovery TV.

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