Ex-Wife Strange Relationship With Me

I divorced my wife because of sexual and financial problems between us. She claimed she couldn't get pregnant, but she did when I forced fucked her good one night. There for awhile she teased me with her big milky tits, but that ended with the after birth blues. We no longer got involved sexually. That led to our divorce.
She moved out of the area with our teenage son. I would go visit my son at least once a month. She would let me sleep on the couch instead of wasting the money on a motel room. She wouldn't be dress up much while in her apartment. She always was braless under her moo-moo nightie and her huge saggy tits would swing about. She would leave the bathroom door unlock when she showered so my teenage son can use the toilet.
Then one weekend when I was there and my son was in his late teens, I got the shock of my life. I was supposed to have been asleep on the couch. I open one eye and saw my ex-wife topless, letting my son play with her giant saggy boobs, while she tugged his cock. I pretended I was sleeping and started masturbating myself. I think she spotted my action and pulled my sheet off while saying to my son, "See, your dad is smaller than you." My son stopped and barged out of the room.
The next day after a lengthy conversation with my ex the night before, my ex and I decided to convince what my son was doing the night before was something a boy his age wish he could do to his mom. Touching was ok, but fucking was a no - no. He didn't believe I was ok with him fondling and grabbing his mother's big tits. My ex took off her nightie and let her tits rest on his shoulders. "We can receive extra money from your dad if you let him watch and I let him masturbate while watching us."
I pulled out my wallet and pulled out a couple of 20's and slid it to my son. He got up and left the apartment. "How about a 20 for me if I masturbate you onto my tits." said my ex. I handed her a 20 and she jerked me off.
My visitation began to really cost me!


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