Oldie But A Goody

Never expected to get involved with woman nearly ten years older and use her sexually. She's my sex slut and I enjoy using her. Bonnie is my ex girlfriend's older air head cousin. I once helped her out when I was involved with her younger cousin. Bonnie turned me on that day that I helped her. She walked around the house in a see thru nightgown, I wanted to hit on her but her younger small breasted cousin was with me there too. Seeing Bonnie's big saggy breast and nipples pushing against her nightgown gave me a boner. When Bonnie served coffee to us I could see her dark hairy snatch thru her nightie. That was several years before I broke up with Bonnie's cousin.
Recently I have gotten a call from Bonnie and she needed help. She begged me dearly and I agreed. I went over a couple of days later to her house and banged on her door hard and loud. I was just about to leave when she finally opened the door in her nightie. "Sorry, I fell asleep on the sofa." she said as she try to straighten her nightgown. I couldn't help from not looking at her while there. She fixed coffee and served me. She had trouble keeping her breast in place. She saw me staring at her while she played with her boobs. "I'm seventy-four Pete, how old are you?" I answered back saying, "Sixty-five." "It would be nice to have a man around the house." she said and told me she couldn't give me any money to get the part or give me money for my labor until her social security check comes. I wanted to tell her that some sex would be nice but before I could say anything she spilled coffee on me and leaned into me trying to wipe it off. I groped her sagging tits and she groped my penis. "Let's go into the bedroom and she grabbed my hand and escorted me into her messy bedroom.
"My age doesn't bother you Pete, does it?" as she dropped what she was wearing and exposing the big blue veined stretch mark thick tits with thick nipples and her big loose lipped hairy snatch. She reached into my pants and pulled on my shaft getting it to grow big and hard. She undressed me and started slapping my dick with her tits. "You like that?" or you prefer this?" as she grabbed my dick and rubbed her mouth with it. She sat on the bed spread her legs a bit and spread open her big loose pussy lips to expose the clit that she has. I started rubbing her clit with my dick and decided to slip it in her. It surprised me that I gotten her wet down there. With one arm she lifted a tit for me. With the other arm she held my head on that tit while I nursed on that thick fat nipple. She blurted out, "I'll be your slut if you promise me that you be my man around the house!" She did whatever I suggested to her that day. She got turned on by my dirty talk.
I renewed my subscription on my sex pills so I can please her like no other man she's been with, but really she has pleased me like no other woman has,even though she's mid seventies. She has awesome fat nipple blue veined jugs that flop around a cunt that you can really play with and suck those loose big lips with you mouth. She knows I need to be pleased sexually before I help her with things. I played and sucked on Bonnie's jugs right in front of her younger cousin that I dated.

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