I'm a man and I got knocked out by a younger woman

I'm a man and I've been boxing for several years to stay fit and learn to defend myself

A young woman joined the boxing gym a month ago. She came from a powerlifting background so she was very strong

When we started sparring, I quickly realized that her punching power was too much for me to handle. She stunned me pretty badly the first time we sparred, but I held it together and she didn't notice. For my pride, I sucked it up and continued to keep up a poker face through getting rocked in several training sessions

Fast forward a few weeks, and my chin couldn't hold up any longer. She knocked me out with a punch and gave me a bad concussion

I've never felt more embarrassed and humiliated in my life, and considering quitting boxing. I'm a scared and anxious mess, and I feel like this girl broke me psychologically

11 days ago

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    • She broke you. You may as well join a knitting group.

    • It's all part of training so don't feel bad about it. I was 16 and sparring in karate class against a woman in her 40s. I dropped my hands for a second and she kicked me in the neck with a roundhouse kick. Even though we had on sparring pads, she knocked me out. I don't even remember the kick so I'm going by what others told me. What I do remember is the entire class stopping to see what happened. Everyone said my body was stiff for a second and my eyes were glassy.

      The woman had taken off her head gear and was looking at me and asked if I was ok. I tried to get up but the instructor told me to stay on my back and took off my headgear and mouthpiece. The woman had a grin on her face as she said that she'd never knocked anyone out before.

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