Wife's ko

I was always into boxing starting as a teen living with my stepmom. She got me into it,even turning the basement into a workout room and boxing mat.
She did it because in school I was something of a wimp ,fainted easily like a girl she would say.
Then at school a guy punched me in the showers and knocked me out.
So began my boxing lessons at home and the gym,but with a glass jaw I never lasted long so quit except for some light sparring.
My wife who is a little overweight,has big breasts was always interested in boxing and did alittle herself at the gym,even knocking another woman out cold once.
So one hot Summer day after coming in from the pool still nude she grabs boxing gloves from the closet and wants to do some sparring in the bedroom.
Just putting on gloves turns us both on anyway and we both knew it would turn to sex.
So here we are,both nude dancing around throwing soft punches and jabs,her big breasts bouncing and slapping each other,my penis long and hard and she's taunting me laughing as she does. "C;mon Brian, frightened of a woman? Think I'am going to knock you out with my tits?
Then it was like the lights just went out,she hit me with a perfect right cross to my glass jaw and down I went,out cold!!
While I was unconscious it turns out she got her cell phone camera out,took pictures of me naked and out cold and still very hard,even called her lez girlfriend and sent her a picture of me.
When I finally woke up,confused,didn't at first know where I was or what happened the first thing i saw was her breasts hanging over me.
It was several minutes before I could stand with her help and laid on the bed with her next to me.
Soon when I recovered enough we had sex .
A couple days later was when a friend came by and told me about the pictures,I vowed revenge

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  • You're going to lose again and it will make it worse. Bow out and declare her the better fighter. If you're going to fight again, be careful. This time, fight with clothes on so that when she knocks you out, you won't get your picture taken naked.

  • You want revenge ? She will kick the shit out of you and take more pics of you laying there nude and beaten.

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