My wife knocked me out

I used to do some boxing in my younger days but never was good at it mainly because I was told i have a glass jaw and couldn't take a punch which was true since I had been knocked out 3 times in the past.
I had a little gym in our basement and sometimes my wife and I would spar and play around with gloves on. I kidded her that women shouldn't be boxing,weaker sex and all that then one day as we worked out we got nude and began to play around.
She suggested we put the gloves on and do some friendly boxing and I kiddingly told her i was going to knock her out like her girlfriend did to her when she was in high school.
We boxed,did some hugging,boxed some more then I told her lets see what she has.
Now my wife is fairly short,somewhat chubby but not fat,38d breasts and were both turned on.
Out of nowhere she landed a perfect right cross to my jaw and all went black,I don't even remember falling but i was knocked out cold.
I lay there,spread eagle with a full erection,knocked unconscious as she began reviving me,but not before she took some rather embarressing photos of her out cold husband

3 months ago

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    • Plan a rematch (only this time wear clothes):
      Announce it on social media and start a trash-talking campaign about how easily you're going to win.

      Buy some trunks (and a sports bra for her-a large one from what you say). Hire a referee and a ring and invite some friends and make it an event. Have someone film it and then post on social media.

      She's going to knock you out again. You'll be flat on your back and in la-la land in the first minute.

    • Are you kidding,that woman told all her friends

    • Has she told her friends that she kicked your ass?

    • No thrill,just embarressing

    • What is the thrill here!

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