Wife makes weekend better

I am a huge college football fan and my team lost a horrible game. I was in a foul mood and my wife Teresa told me she had an idea to get my mind off of football. We got up Sunday and went out to breakfast. My wife, who normally doesn't drink much, had several mimosas. Teresa was feeling no pain when we left the restaurant.
Teresa was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie to breakfast. This is a common practice on Sunday. She asked me to drive south on the interstate and to get off at the first rest stop which is about20 miles out of town. She gets out and tells me to wait close by while she uses the restroom. She returns in just a couple of moments but instead of wearing her sweats she is wearing a very see-through teddy I had never seen before.
I quickly scan the parking lot and noticed an older couple looking her way. The woman looks disgusted but her husband is smiling ear to ear. She jumps in the car And tells me to continue driving south. She digs in her purse and lights up a preroll. She tells me its for courage.
My lovely 33 year old wife asks me if I am still thinking about football and to her credit I am only thinking about one thing now. We continue down the highway and I ask her what's next? She tells me she is going to put on a show for me and a trucker. Traffic is light and I am anticipating something wonderful.
We pass a trucker and you can see him looking at her. She blows a kiss and asks me to continue to the next truck. She told me he was too old. The next trucker is looking before we pull up next to him. I think we were being talked about on C.B.
Once we are beside him again she blows him a kiss and then slowly takes off all her remaining clothes. Very quickly she is completely nude next to a complete stranger. She reaches in the glove box and pulls out one of her favorite toys. She has a pink dildo and begins satisfying herself. I watch as she begins moving quicker and quicker until she climaxes.
She asks me "before I give you a blowjob do you have any requests. I love her ass and ask her to put the seat all the way down and turn over. I begin caressing her ass while our truck driver continues to keep pace. She eventually gets on her knees and gives me head with her luscious ass in the air pointing towards our new friend. I would like to tell you I lasted a long time but I was pretty excited by this time. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
We pull away from the trucker and turn around at the next exit. By now she has her sweats back on. I stop at a rural convenience store to get a pop for the ride home. The clerk is the only one in the store and my wife asks to use the bathroom. I stand talking to the clerk waiting for Teresa to freshen up. To my absolute delight, she walks out of the bathroom holding her sweats looking absolutely adorable. Her nipples are hard, her pussy is shaved and she has an amazing ass. She calmly walks to the car, gets in, and gets dressed again. I just can't wait until we lose again!

11 days ago

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