Naughty sister in law

You think you know people! This is about my sister in law Olivia who's been with Richard for years,they're not married but have 2 children together,they're both workaholics and spend little time together,so it was no surprise one of them ended up having an affair! My wife steph told me about Olivia seeing some guy in work,so being a nosey bastard I decided to see for myself,Olivia worked for a travel company,so I parked up on a Tuesday just before 5 to see if could find anything out! It wasn't long before I did,all the staff left leaving Olivia and one guy in the building,they locked up and proceeded to the car park where Olivia got into this guys car? Strange I thought,then they drove off,I followed,they pulled up at a nature reserve,I couldn't pull up in the same car park so I parked up down the road and went commando through the trees!! I could see the windows steaming up and then Olivia climbing on top of this guy and riding as if her life depended on it! They fucked for 10 minutes and then looked pretty normal in the front seats! Then it happened!! 5 guys approached the car and just stood there! Olivia's door opened and out she got,she must have changed in work,she had a long black coat on that went down to her knees,she then got on the car bonnet and undid her jacket and pulled it open! She was totally naked underneath! She's got massive tits and a beautiful hairy pussy just like her sister! What the fuck was going on? The 5 men surrounded her and I could see they were all wanking their cocks! Olivia opened her legs then the first guy started fucking her,she was wanking two cocks off herself! Her friend from work was just sat in the car but I could see he had his phone out filming!! So had I by now🤭 each one of these total strangers took turns fucking Olivia on the car bonnet,well they all must have shot up her! Off the bonnet she got back into the car and drove off!! Fucking hell! My quiet sister in law! A few weeks went by and I was in the house alone doing a bit of DIY,when there was a knock on the door,it was Olivia,dropping some clothes off for the Mrs,How's things I said? Yeah all good she said! No gossip then luv I said? Don't think so why what have you heard? You've been a naughty girl Olivia! What are you implying? Really I said,take a look at this and explain yourself! I handed her the phone and pressed play! The colour drained from her face immediately omg please don't say anything! Oh I won't luv I said but it'll come at a cost! What do you mean? I want what those guys had Olivia and then I won't say a word!! Blackmail she said!! Got it in one sweetheart🤭 now get those clothes off! Your enjoying this arnt you she said as she pulled her knickers down exposing her hairy cunt mmmm I said now get on the kitchen table and play with yourself, I got my phone out and started taking pictures,what the fuck are you doing Olivia said! Just do as your told,these are for my personal collection! Her pussy looked amazing,im going to fuck you now ! Hurry up then you bastard Olivia mumbled under her breath,I pulled my cock out and rammed it in her hairy slit! I was fucking my sister in law and it felt great,Richard told me you like it in your ass I said! What!! He told you that? Yep! So does your sister I said! A pair of sluts 😋 now turn around,now my wife steph has a hairy pussy and asshole but Olivias was on another level,I pressed my cock up against her arse,in it went,I filmed every moment of it,I fucked her ass crazy till I bolted my cum in her 😜 right get dressed I said your sister will be home soon,we don't want her finding out do we you dirty slut! And off she went,I can't wait for the next time .

24 days ago

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    • So you cheated on your wife for some nasty slut like her! You both have no class. This is fake as all hell. But the way you think relationships are is so amazing! Two sisters have a family bond and that would be destroyed and a two marriages would be gone! But you toothless Britts are savages anyway! It's a hood not a bonnet! Makes a car sound gay!

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