Accidental text

I was stuck in work on a hot day last summer,so to take my mind off it I went to the toilet and started thinking about what I was going to do to my wife that evening in the bedroom,I played with my cock till I was hard! Then took a picture and sent it to my wife,trouble was I didn't send it to her,my mother received it!! Fuck me I panicked! How can I explain this.... my mother rarely looks at her phone like older folks are like! I finished work at 5 and drove to my mother's I went,hi son she said,busy day at work? Great I thought she hasn't looked at her phone,I gotta get to it and delete the photo,do you want a cup of tea mark mum shouted in from the kitchen? Yes please mum,where the fuck was her phone? I searched everywhere,in she comes with 2 cups of tea and sits down opposite me,to my horror she pulls her phone from her dressing gown pocket!!! Shit!! I've got a message she said! It's off you son! With that she opened my picture!! Whats that! She reached for her glasses,oh my! Why are you sending me dirty pictures mark? I explained it was meant for the Mrs! My she is a lucky girl! Your father's was nowhere near that,mum ! Behave yourself,oh shut up its not every day I'm sent a photo of a big dick!! Where did you take it? The toilets in work mum! You filthy boy Mark! I was embarrassed to hell by now,I caught you wanking all the time when you were younger but I don't remember you being that big! Jesus mother control yourself,whats that lump in your trousers? Shockingly I was half hard! Talking to my own mother! You've got a stiffy mark,isn't that wife of yours Taking care of you? Of course she is! Doesn't look like! Cmon let me see it! What are you for real? Well it's not like I haven't seen it before,fuck me! Was this some sort of dream! I got up and pulled my tracksuit bottoms down! Wow mark you have grown! Start wanking then like in the video,surely not! I was stroking my dick in front of my mother and I was rock hard! I'm going to take my trousers off now! Mum was on the chair in her knickers,her pubes were hanging out each side of her underwear! She slid them off too,what a bush she had! Your wanking so why can't I she said! There I was in my mother's living room half naked wanking myself off looking at her on the chair legs apart rubbing her hairy cunt!!! Me and your father had a great sex life mark,we used to fuck everyday,dad had been gone 6 years,I know mum I saw you a few times! Really did you? How did it make you feel? Naughty as hell,I've had lots of wanks over the past! Mark don't feel as if you have to or feel awkward! But sitting here watching you play with your big dick is making me so horny, I want you to fuck me! Omg mum!! I won't ever say anything,it was wrong but something inside was turning me on to it! OK mum! She opened her legs even wider for me,her chair was the perfect height when I got on my knees,my cock was solid,I pressed it against her hole and slowly eased myself into her! Omg mark I've never felt a dick like that mmmm I pumped away at her hairy pussy,fuck mum I'm cumming! Don't stop keep going, I let off the biggest load id ever shot! My spunk was dripping from my mother's hairy hole! Fucking hell mum I can't believe we just did that! Don't worry my boy my lips are sealed,now get yourself home to that lucky wife

6 months ago

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