Father in law

My father in law pepe was a real bastard for the women years ago,he's 75 now,divorced from my mother in law,last week my wifes daughter (my stepdaughter) 18 went to town with her friends for the first time,what she wore left nothing to the imagination,really tight fitting dress showing her amazing body,she's a personal trainer! I've had many a wank over her myself,seen her naked loads of times and heard her and her boyfriend fucking!! Plus I've got a couple of cheeky pictures and videos of her in the shower!! Anyway pepe my father in law (her grampa) just happened to be here just before she got picked up to go out,when Katie came down the stairs we were standing in the hallway,omg Katie he said! You are going out like that! Your ass is nearly on show and your boobs are hanging out!! I wish the girls looked like you when I was a lad ( laughing) giving me a nudge,Katie's lift had broken down to us so my wife (karla) said cmon ill take you down,with that off they went leaving me and pepe in the house.out of the blue,pepe said to me,Neil I bet you've seen that granddaughter of mine with no clothes on ( winking) at me! A bit shocked I said yeah a few times!! Whats her pussy like he said? Is she hairy like her mother (laughing) how do you know what karla's pussy looks like I replied? Son,when she was Katie's age we had boys back and forth regularly! I spied on her a few times fucking them! You dirty old fucker pepe I said! As it happens take a look at these on my phone,his face lit up when he saw Katie in the shower with her shaved cunt on show!! Wow what an amazing body he said,send me all you've got,so I did,flicking through my videos,I found one of me and karla,id videod myself fucking her in the ass! Handing pepe the phone I said press play on that one! What a slut who's ass is that pepe said! Your daughters I said laughing!! Wow,so you fuck my daughter in her asshole you bastard he said with a somewhat dirty snigger!! Send me that one aswell Neil! Im going to be wanking for a long time over these my boy!! With that karla pulled back up in the driveway,don't go yet dad have a drink,ok then I will sweetheart,make mine a large whisky, grab me a beer too hun,pepe and myself sat on the settee in the living room,karla came in with the drinks and sat on the chair opposite,we were all chatting away and then pepe's phone beeped,it was on the arm of the chair karla was sitting on,she looked down at it,it was only the video of me fucking her in the ass!! Oh yeah she said,what messages are you sending dad?? With that she picked up the phone clicked on the WhatsApp link and pressed play!! What filth have you sent him?? You could see her face changing when she recognised it was us two fucking!! Wtf Neil! Why are you sending this to my father! Pepe stepped in and said hold on love,I asked him to when he accidentally showed it to me earlier (oofff) thanks pepe I thought,ok but that doesn't explain why you want to see me having sex with my husband! Oh cmon karla I'm 73 I don't get any action at my age,I've seen you fucking boyfriends years ago this is no different.fucking hell dad you watched me have sex years ago!! I don't know what to say! So you get turned on by me? Don't be shocked or upset hun but yes! Especially the video Neil sent me,you are one dirty girl karla! I can't believe my daughter likes it up the bum!! Karla used to work as a barmaid a while back,as I said pepe was a bit of a lad in his day,that's why him and the mother in law divorced.i couldn't believe what came out of karla's mouth next,I've heard a few things about you mind dad! Oh yeah like what pepe said,Janet (one of the old barmaids) told me you've got a massive dick!! Maybe he said grinning! Well if I turn you on that much get it out. Fuck me I thought hang on a minute,karla what are you playing at,oh shut up Neil,why did you send dad the video in the first place if the thought of him fucking me didn't cross your mind! She was right it did,cmon then let me see it,pepe stood up and undid his trousers,he was already half hard,omg dad its huge!! So you like watching Neil fuck my arse do you,you dirty old man,with that karla grabbed her fathers cock and started wanking him off,I've gotta say even I was impressed by the size of him,he must have been 10 inches! Janet was right karla said smirking,do you want me to suck it dad? Suck my cock you dirty bitch was pepe's reply,he was loving it,karla came up for air,fuck me over the dining room table dad! Was I dreaming I thought! Karla pulled her jeans down and bent over the table,pepe guided his huge cock towards her hairy cunt,she gave off an almighty sigh! Fucking hell it's massive! It wasn't long before he was balls deep in her,I was wanking like mad at this point watching pepe fucking his own daughter! Do you think you can take it in your ass I said hun!! Im going to try babe my slut of a wife replied,she pushed her father off her and walked over to the settee,sat herself down laid back and put a cushion underneath her arse,her hairy cunt was on full show now,mmm pepe said your pussy looks exactly like your mother's,karla had a filthy look in her eyes and said I bet you never fucked her arsehole though did you!! I didn't your right you dirty slut,fuck it dad go on! Again he guided his massive cock towards her waiting asshole,slowly she took half of him,her eyes were rolled back her mouth wide open then she let off a huge sigh her body shuddered,push it all in dad! You dirty slut karla pepe said,I can't believe you can take me up your arsehole! How many cocks have been up there? My tart of a wife then started reeling off names of guys she'd fucked!! Pepe was really letting her have it at this point,im going to cum karla! Fill my arse up dad go on,with that pepe's face contorted and he filled his daughters hairy arsehole with the biggest amount of cum id ever seen! You've made an old man very happy you pair! Even better pepe I said I've filmed it all for you too!! You're a good son in law Neil!! Both of them got up and got dressed,wow I wasn't expecting that when I popped down earlier he said!! Id love to do the same to that granddaughter of mine!! Dad ! Karla gasped your unbelievable! Maybe I'll show Katie the video by accident she said .and with that pepe put his coat on and drove off in his car. Did that actually happen karla said to me! It sure did you slut,I then connected my phone to the TV and we both watched what had just happened then it was my turn to fuck her already battered asshole...

1 month ago

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    • I hope you "accidently" let your daughter see the video before Pepe's next visit

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