Friends of ours

A friend of mine done the golf club Mike is a lovely guy,he's married to Claire who's a bit of a bitch to be honest,well we go out as a foursome now and again,all really normal,Claire is also friendly with Joanne,now my wife nicola and Joanne are best friends from school,Claire and Joanne were out walking the dogs one day and Claire just happened to tell Joanne that her and Mike had spiced things up in the bedroom! They were talking to other couples and telling each other what they do to one another! Joanne then goes and tells my wife nicola what they're up to then she tells me! Kinky bastards I thought,I had him down the golf club,we'd had a good few pints and I said what's your sex life like these days mate? He told me then all about it,it's really horny he said talking to other couples!!! Id love to try it Mike I said,nicola grew up on the same street as Mike he's 5 years older than her,he admitted to me he'd often fantasised about her,anyway weeks went by and I mentioned to nicola about our little chat! You never did you!! Relax babe it might be fun,a bit pensive she came round to the idea,I text Mike to see if he was up for it,yeah OK,right how do we start I said,well right now I'm pulling claires jeans down im going lick her pussy!!! Now what are you two doing? Nicola said text them im about to suck your cock,mmm nice,I've got 2 fingers in Claires cunt and 1 in her ass! Nicola seemed quite shocked,I never thought Claire would like bum fun she said to me! I asked Mike if he was going to fuck her ass? Maybe he said,tell me what Nicolas pussy looks like? Natural and hairy I replied,I always thought she'd have a hairy bush he exclaimed mmmm as hot as this is Mike its a bit tedious don't you think? What are you thinking he said 🤔 what about a video call? What do the women think? Claire was a bit apprehensive but she agreed,I video called Mike and put the phone on the mantlepiece,how's the view both? Brill said Mike,those 2 were already in bed! Take Nicolas clothes off I want to see her naked!! Go on babe show them,my sexy wife stripped off,wow nicola I've always dreamed of seeing you naked,your turn Mike,with that Mike was in the buff with his cock on show mmmm Claire I want to watch you sucking his dick,nicola was right into it,fairplay Claire didn't hang about,Martin I want to see you fuck nicola said Mike,nicola got on top of me and fucked for the camera,how's that Mike? Amazing can you get her to turn around though I want to see her bush,she spun around to give Mike the view he wanted,oh wow,fuck Claire in the ass for us then I said!! Claire is a redhead she's got a lovely Brazilian,this is so dirty Claire whispered as Mike entered her asshole! Fuck that feels good babe Claire groaned,nicola pirked up and said that looks so good sliding in and out of your arse,I wish Mike was in my arse said my slutty wife! We need to arrange something now we all said,im gonna cum I blurted and with that Nicolas cunt was oozing with spunk!!! Im nowhere near yet Mike said,he continued to bang claires ass for what seemed like ages,he climaxed filling her ass up! Omg that was so horny we all said,we're trying to coax the women into a full swap,hopefully it's not too far away

26 days ago

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