Drunken chat with daughter and boyfriend

Hi all,don't know whether I'm one horny lucky fucker or should I be ashamed? I'm nick,married to my gorgeous wife karla for 20 years,we're both 45,got 2 great daughters,Louise and Katie,19 and 21,Katie is the sensible one! We can't do anything with Louise!! Anyway she's got a boyfriend,been steady for 2 years,Jack,nice kid,he often stays over,didn't like it at first obviously being dad! And hearing them going for it! We were all young once I suppose.it started off as a normal Saturday,me and karla were sharing a bottle of wine in the living room then unexpected Louise and Jack joined us! It was nice,the 4 of us relaxing having a good time,then the shots had to come out! It wasn't long before karla and Louise were shitfaced! Louise then came up with the idea of truth or dare 🤔 it'll be a laugh I thought why not! So I went out the kitchen and brought back an empty bottle to spin! Me first (Louise) go on then we said,it landed on her mother,truth or dare mum? Truth replied karla... how many boyfriends have you had ? Wow said karla,don't get upset love my wife whispered to me!!! 10 ! Omg mum your a tart Louise said laughing,we all giggled,then I spun the bottle,it landed on Louise! How many have you had asked my wife to her daughter? Half as many as you mum!!! Jack spun the bottle this time,it landed on karla again! Did you have sex with all of them Louise slurred! You'll get me in trouble madam,yes I did but it was all before I met your father! I knew of 5 of the guys that had fucked my wife they were my buddies in school,I had no idea who the other 5 were though 🤔 I spun the bottle this time,Louise again!!! What about you hun? Did you sleep with 5? To our surprise Louise said yes 3 separately and 2 together!! Jack perked up! You've had a threesome babe? Don't be jealous hun it was before I met you!! This was all a bit much to tell you the truth but shit happens when your drunk!! Finally the bottle landed on Jack! Fuck it I thought,so Jack I said what do you think of karla my wife? Honestly nick,I think she's sexy as hell your one lucky man! Jack behave yourself said karla,why would you fancy me when you've got Louise!! I've seen you naked Mrs Hughes..... omg where? In the shower,I love your hairy pussy! That's right mum he does,he tells me to stop shaving mine!! Whoa hang on a minute here!! I thought,my daughter has just said she shaves her pussy and Jack loves my wifes hairy cunt!!

1 month ago

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