Stepdaughter fetish

This is about my gorgeous stepdaughter,she's a personal trainer now but 3 years ago she got a job in a corner shop owned by two Pakistani brothers,Muhammad and asif,everything was going rosey until Olivia (my stepdaughter) found out asif looks at porn and it just happened to be British teen girls!! It was a genuine accident,he just left his laptop out and she saw it! To cut a long story short,he didn't feel comfortable that Olivia new he was wanking over her basically! So he called her in a gave her the chop!! We were all disappointed of course but she's gone on to better things! As I said this was 3 years ago,the two brothers have bought a pub now,asif runs it,now with Olivia being a personal trainer she's got loads of pictures of her on Facebook,Instagram twitter,whatever! They leave little to the imagination,tiny thongs and bras on in the gym! I've had many a wank over her 🤫 I called in to the pub the brothers own not so long ago,had a great welcome! 1 pint,2 pints,3 pints! You get the picture,the devil inside me came out! It was last orders,everyone had left bar me and asif! I got my phone out and started showing asif the pictures of Olivia's ass ! He smirked!! Come with me he said,I've got better than that my friend? Puzzled I followed him out the back room,full of monitors and cctv image's,sit down and watch this! It was Olivia at the till,then getting up and walking towards the back of the shop,then you can see Muhammad and asif! Asif passes her some cash,then the 3 of them go through a door! Are you ready my friend says asif? Olivia starts taking her clothes off,she's fully naked looking a bit confused! Muhammad and asif appear both naked wanking themselves off ,she then drops on her knees a starts sucking the two of them! Asif then leads her to a table sits her on it and spreads her legs wide! I gotta say I was really turned on! Muhammad approached her waiting cunt with his big dick and give her a good hammering! Asif then give her some more money? It was his turn! The extra money was for her arsehole,Muhammad picked the camera up and asif placed his cock near my stepdaughters ass!! You could see by the look on her face that his big dick was a bit painful entering her ass but she soon took it all!!! What do you think of me fucking your stepdaughter in her slutty white ass?? It was awesome to be honest! What a sight mmmm both of them started wanking over her face then covered her in spunk!! They give her a towel to clean up and they all I couldn't believe what id just seen,our little secret Mr Jones said asif...

1 month ago

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    • LOL ! Those Pakis packed her fundament, then, covered her in cardemon cum. Asif this is true.

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