Naughty dad

My dad and I have always been close,even though he cheated on our mum numerous times,they got divorced 25 years ago,I was only 15,we didn't speak for 5 years,we got together then and worked it all out,dad came over to our house pretty recently and dropped a bombshell sweetheart he said I've got some bad news,the doctor has told me I've got months to live!we both cried in each others arms,karla dad said,don't take this the wrong way,I need you to do something for me as I don't have much time left?? Of course dad what is it? You know I liked the ladies years ago,I just want to see a pussy again before I die!! Dad! What are you asking me to do? Just take your clothes off for me sweetheart!! I feel a bit awkward dad! Don't worry,know one will know! OK!! We both came into the living room,dad sat on the settee and I began undressing! I was down to my bra and knickers! Take them off karla and sit on the chair! This felt really strange,here I am 40 years old,naked in front of my father! Wow you've got a hairy pussy said dad!! Lean back and open your legs for me !! I did what dad said! Oh wow karla you've made an old man very happy!! I can still get hard!! With that dad pulled out his cock!! I don't know what came over me but I started rubbing my pussy enticing my dad! Do I make you hard dad?? Go on wank your cock!! Bet you'd love to fuck me?? Shit!!! Dad Rose off the settee stroking his rather impressive dick!! My pussy was wet! He positioned himself between my legs and pushed his cock into my hairy pussy!!! Bare in mind he was late 60's but by hell he could fuck! Put a pillow under my bum dad? Why karla? Because I want you to fuck my arse!! You filthy slut karla!! My dad was fucking me in my arse!! It felt so good, im coming my girl!! Aahh aah! I could feel his spunk shooting up me!! You enjoy that dad??

11 days ago

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