What now?

Got myself tangled up with a rich woman and now being blackmailed, long story short, rich woman took a fancy to me while working at her house, we ended up fucking in the garage (no cameras in garage) and it became a regular thing.
The excitement is passed for me but she is still very keen.
I’ve made just about every excuse you can think of now she is threatening to tell her husband I’ve been pestering her and exposing myself to her.

1 month ago

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    • Silly if you don't impregnate her. she'll probably pass it off as hubby's. just keep doing it, it will be fun and dangerous.

    • You shouldn't have pestered her and wagged your weenie. You're going to wind up cleaning toilets for free. and having to suck your boss's dick all because you couldn't control your urges around decent folks. Way to go, slave boy !

    • I had a customer of mine that was married she kept coming on to me no matter how much I kept telling her that I’m not interested in her because she’s a married woman ! How I didn’t want to be involved with because I’ve been doing work with your husband !
      After a few weeks I wasn’t able to turn her down anymore it was at my breaking point ! So I finally gave into her desire of me ducking her!
      The next day I went back to there house get a few more things done but just as I got to their house she opened up the garage door only in a lace bra and red silk panties and sucking on her fingers ! I got so turned on I couldn’t hold back any longer

    • Go dump more nut in her.

    • Well you should kept your cock In your pants ! Now it looks like she’s trying to fuck back ! Your in a really big bind! If she tell her husband about the 2 of you having sex just say that she forced herself on you ! Maybe she spilled some hot coffee in your lap and offered to help you clean it off of your lap by removing all of your clothes . And when you did she jumped your bones!

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