Why is it?

I should probably be paying a therapist to help me answer this question, but I wonder why I'm attracted almost exclusively to older women. I'm a 23 year old guy, and by "older" I mean women in the 30s to 40s range.
I define myself as heterosexual, and while I find it pretty easy to date around, women around my age aren't that attractive to me. A couple of years ago, there was this one woman I met at a bar, and took me for someone way older than I was, which I told her. She said it was ok and we hooked up that night. She was 38 at the time.
Something about that fact REALLY turned me on, there was something exremely sexy for me about fucking a woman so much older than me (it also helped that she was such a pro at it).
I had slept with women around my age before, but this was different and it got me really hooked. I've slept with other women my age since then, but it's just not the same. I ended up opening a Tinder account to hook up with women over 30 and up to 45, and I've been having the time of my life, i enjoy fucking them so much more. Still, I don't understand why that is...

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  • I am a man, and if you think women in their 30's and 40's are fun, wait until you try women in their 50's and even 60's. Best sex that I ever had was from a divorced woman who was 62 years old. I will never forget how amazing it was!

  • Your therapist would have you examine your early sexual experiences and crushes, and your relationship/view of your mother.

    But who cares why? Fuck as many cougars as you like.

  • No problem. They're hot AF and fuck like demons.

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