Wife demands are Unreasonable

My wife was a bit promiscuous back in her college days. She says she's settled down now and has no interest in playing, but I don't buy that for a minute. I hear how her and her girl friends talk about guys, I know she's still slutty. So I asked her of she wanted to have a threesome with another guy. It gets me horny thinking about watching another man fuck her pussy and suck on her tits. At first she agreed and was excited to play, but the other day she said she would only do it if.. 1) she got to pick the guy. 2) either both of us fuck him or she fucks him by herself.
As I am not gay, I told her hell no I wasn't fucking him. She responded "then your answer is for me to fuck him alone". I said "hell no".
Now she is bugging me saying I brought it up. But I never said anything about those rules. She's the one who brought them up.

18 days ago


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    • She picks they guy -- that's given. Have him wear a Zorro Mask and setup a camera on a tripod -- a win win. 20 years ago our friends Jill and Bob, my saintly wife (Lilly) and I were skinny dipping in our pool. Jill had been lobbying Lilly to give Bob his first ever blowjob (unbeknownst to me) -- She said she'd rater stick needles in her eyes that put a dick in her mouth, buy you seem to love it. It's Bob's birthday and mine is the next day we had been drinking. "How about blowjobs for the birthday boys, Lilly." She goes WTF -- bring them on. She gives us both blowjobs. Next day I was pissed at myself for letting it happen. Lilly is like "get over it, it was a blowjob gift -- I'll confess it along with all the BJs I give you (Catholic -- BJ are a minor sin) -- get a Rosary penance (because 1 wasn't for her husband) and put in my rear view. Pissed, embarrassed at the time -- I got over it and wish there was a video naked Sister Lilly (she wears a nun like outfit to church) sucking off Bob.

    • I had a similar discussion with my bf. I made it clear that I'd only have a threesome if it was me with another couple, or we both shared a man.

    • Then I guess you don't want a threesome then.

    • Say you've changed your mind and you will both fuck him. Then when he shows up, you find out (by force if need be) if they've fucked before. If so, you kick her to the curb. If you are satisfied they haven't, then you both fuck her. If she wants to enforce 'her rules' then you just kick him out

    • She's being unreasonable. Sharing partners can only work if you're both on the same page.

    • She's going to pick the guy she's already fucking. I've seen this game, first hand. More likely than not, the guy she's fucking isn't into you fucking him either, so, call her bluff. She'll wind up with egg on her face. Or, possibly, cum.

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