Momma's Little Helper

I was 13 when i became obsessed with my mom's stained panties and tights from her various lovers.

i would suck the juices off of the most recently stained ones while i would wear another dirty pair. i loved it.

Not long after i turned 14, she caught me. She scared me at first by acting angry, making me cry.

Then she laughed at me as she threw me onto my bed.

She told me that her cunt is full of a fresh load as she peeled off her tights and panties. She rode my face until she squirted.

She started bringing her men home; she was fucked by many of them in front of me, making me suck and lick her clean beford they left. Some of the men would take turns using our holes.

She had me grow my hair out and dress as a girl at home for some of her clients.

It got really embarassing when she started getting dicked by boys from my school; then more so when i was dicked by them.

My mom eventually disappeared. i don't know if she was murdered or ran off.

i eventually ran away from the abusive foster home. i lived with a pervy guy until i was old enough to live on my own.

i took classes and worked until i got a decent paying job. i ended up marrying a woman who resembled my mom. Our sex has mostly been vanilla, but i really do love her.

Jul 6
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My cousin used to play with my pussy

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    • Is this post from “ Michelle “ Mike Obama ?

    • Touching story. Thanks for sharing

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