Hotel secrets

I have an unusual fetish. Whenever I stay in a hotel I have this little challenge for myself to see how many items I can find (in the room…not stuff I’ve brought) to use as anal toys. I then use them to fuck myself. The rules are I can only use items in the room or from the hotel. The only exception is I’m allowed to roll a condom onto things that would be problematic or that I couldn’t clean properly after…like the tv remote). I use the little lotion bottle as lube…and as a dildo. I’ve also ordered things from room service, like olive oil for a salad, but used as lube. Or hot dogs or corn on the cob (both wonderful up my ass when still warm). But room service is rare. It’s usually just what’s in the room.

I’ve fucked myself with curtain rods, tightly rolled up wash cloth with a condom, sink handle, padded coat hanger with condom, little knob handle on the ice bucket (as a large anal bead) ironing board leg, thick handle on butter knife, shower rod, shower handle (unscrewed), leg of a folding suitcase stand, disassembled lamp part, tv remote, pen, door latch (had to stand on a chair for my asshole to reach it), umbrella tip. Occasionally a room presents a real challenge and I check out the hotel store. Technically not cheating according my rules if it’s in the hotel, but I do feel a bit guilty if I have to do that. As if I’ve failed.

I always clean everything well after. The fetish is partly knowing others will use those things, but not getting someone dirty or tainted in any way.

Jul 31
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