As far as dicks go I don’t think me or my friend will ever see a better one.
Must be 15 years ago me and my friend encouraged our male friend to show us his dick, both of us were just having some fun with him, one minute he was going to show us the next he wasn’t, I remember him saying it’s embarrassing but we convinced him.
When he did show us me and my friend went into shock not saying anything just thinking omfg.
He was packing, it was just huge and it looked really heavy, remember both of us started laughing and pointing.
I would be very happy to have something like that to come home too.

10 months ago

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    • My first view of pussy was when I was at school, some years ago now, long before internet porn. My friend and I were 13 - 14, and two of the girls in our class, known for being a bit of a tease, were chatting with us in a secluded part of the school. They wanted to see our cocks so we said OK if we could see their pussies and boobs (one had a good pair, the other almost none). There was a bit of back and forth chat and they agreed that one would show her pussy (small boobed one) and the other would show her boobs. I was excited but worried that they would back out but I agreed to take my now hard cock out and one would open her blouse to show her boobs. We sort of did it together, she opened her to showing her bra and I took my cock out. They both looked wide eyed and I told her to lower her bra which she did so that we could see them properly. My friend then took out is hard cock (bigger than mine) and the other girl lifted her skirt and lowered her undies showing a neat sparsely covered pussy. The girls wanted to touch our cocks so we said OK if we could touch them, one pussy, one boobs. They agreed so we spent a couple of minutes clumsily feeling each other up. One girls wanted to know if we could spunk (as we called cum them). We said yes but it would have to be another time as we to get back so we hurriedly tidied ourselves and went back to class.

      Yes, we did get wanked off. The next day we repeated the event, this time both girls lowered their knickers and let us feel them (my first time and also first time feeling the wetness). They hadn't given a wank before and it was our first time from girls. It didn't take long until we both came, my girl got it over her hand but the other got spunk on her blouse, my friend spurted harder than I did. Good times!

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